OnePlus Pad Go is a wallet-friendly alternative of the OnePlus Pad

Here’s the first look!

OnePlus is about to drop the new OnePlus Pad Go tab in India on October 6, 2023, and the brand has revealed the design of the device. 

Remember when OnePlus made its entry into the tablet world with the Cloud11 launch event earlier this year? That's when the flagship OnePlus Pad made its debut,  we (of course) reviewed it, you can read it here. Now, the brand is back with the OnePlus Pad Go, touted as a budget-friendly tablet aimed at bringing the OnePlus experience to a larger set of people without actually breaking the bank. 

The Tab Go will have the same design elements as the flagship Pad, sharing the curved-edge design, green hue and centred-camera setup. The rear design of the OnePlus Pad Go has a fusion of two hues of green, brought together in a mosaic of textures, a mix of matte metal and glossy finishes. Circle back right here with us for all more details on the OnePlus Go tab.