Viewsonic X10004K

Short throw, wide appeal

₹ 4,49,900

In social media parlance, UST or ultra-short throw projectors could be termed as “trending”. Virtually every mainstream projector brand worth its salt has at least one model on offer and many even on to their second or third-generation models. Viewsonic’s X10004K is their attempt at capturing some of this newly emerging pie and certainly has all the ingredients it takes for a tasty offering.
A built-in 40W Harman Kardon soundbar, 4K resolution with HDR support, LED light source to keep it maintenance-free for up to 30,000 hours and enough connectivity to make it a viable replacement for your smart TV.

Picture: Set it right to get it right

As with all UST projectors that aim to replace your prized wall-mounted telly, the correct distance from the projector to screen (or wall) is critical to get the geometry right. Before you start hallucinating set squares and compass, “geometry” in projector terms means a properly aligned image that stays within the borders of the screen or is a proper 16:9 aspect ratio if you’re projecting on the wall. If you don’t have the requisite table height or depth, the X10004K can prove to be a handful since it doesn’t come with horizontal keystone correction, nor lens shift, or any sort of zoom control.


So basically, it’s a manual process to get the picture right. That said, you do get a motorised focus control via the remote control. It’s easy from here on and even the out-of-the-box picture is superb with a rich colour palette and enough brightness to be viewable with some ambient lights on.

Features: All that you almost need

Frame interpolation should be used sparingly as always and it worked best when it was Off on movies and on Low while watching sports. You can quickly get an accurate picture once the basics are done and the 100in image is sharp and barring the deepest blacks, does a fine job of entertaining the family. Even its 2.1 channel soundbar is tuned for loud, distortion-free and balanced sound that is surprisingly open and legible. With a subwoofer out, in many cases it’s all you need to elevate the audio experience further without the need to invest in more speakers.


It’s the Aptoid store that dampens the spirit a little with its slow response, bugs galore, and the need for a mouse to use many apps. But thankfully, connectivity is strong so you can add USB storage, HDMI sources or even use the built-in storage for quick fixes. Casting is done without hiccups, regardless of what phone you have and the G-sensor equipped remote lights up when you pick it up, adding little joys to the UX.


Conveniences like using the soundbar as a Bluetooth speaker and eye protection if someone stands directly in front of the projector are provided to add to the allure. Overall, the LED-based X10004K saves you a fair bit over its laser-based counterparts and while it does forsake some brightness, it's clarity, colour fidelity and motion handling are up there with the best. Even the noise and heat from its fans and chassis is so negligible that you’d never even notice it in a quiet room.


With no lamp warming-up period, it’s instant on/off functionality gives it an almost TV-esque feel and that is what makes this category of projectors so viable for a family room. The Viewsonic X10004K is most definitely easy to live with and should be up there in your shortlist of the top three UST projectors!

Stuff Says

An easy to use, all-in-one that does make for a strong case against an 85in LED TV and move to the 100in club!
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Great picture quality and sound

  1. Connectivity

  1. Remote

  1. Limited picture controls

  1. Aptoide OS not the slickest

Native resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels, 4K
Brightness: 2400 LED lumens
Connectivity: HDMI x 3, USB-A/C, audio-in
Dimensions (WHD): 757 x 169 x 291mm
Weight: 9.44kg