Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Review

Compact and capable

₹ 7,999

Amazfit has added to its range of smartwatches and fitness bands with this fashion focussed GTS 4 Mini. Packing in all the basic requirements for fitness and health, the watch remains sleek and unobtrusive in looks and comfort. Is it capable of holding its own in this very competitive market? Let’s take a look, shall we?


At first glance, you may be confused about whether the watch is an Apple Watch, Oppo Watch or perhaps even a Huawei watch. In reality, most watches now offer pretty much the same array of features. That said, the bevelled square shape paired with the smooth, vivid display, push button and touchscreen is pretty impressive for an entry-level smartwatch. 

The strap uses an intelligent design to prevent the tail of the strap from constantly getting dislodged while exercising. That said, it can get a little itchy and uncomfortable after long periods of wearing it, especially if you are sweating a lot.

While this watch has been designed to be sleek, compact and stylish, the black variant is pretty standard and boring. Our eyes are set on the Flamingo Pink, Mint Blue and Moonlight White variants that are quite pleasing to the aesthetic eye.


The device runs on Zepp OS which is a pretty standard and intuitive app to help you keep track of your data and it syncs to the watch pretty easily and quickly. So, no real complaints with the app. When it comes to the user interface the watch has adaptive brightness which is a boon when you are sleeping or out in the sun. It can be extremely bright but that does help its torch feature. The stunning 1.65in AMOLED display is colourful and punchy as well and you really get your money’s worth from the screen real estate. You may not have to squint in bright sunlight and the information on the display is legible compared to dinky and vertically-shaped fitness bands. The watch can track over 120 sports modes, which is honestly more than you will ever need, and most amusing of all the watch has a dedicated sports mode for e-Sports, so now even our resident gamers at Stuff HQ can call themselves fitness buffs.


The tracking itself is pretty accurate. On a run, it was within reasonable margins of the Garmin Forerunner 45 (which is a pretty advanced running watch) and better still, it sends you cute, motivational messages to keep you going and tells you that you’re doing a good job (just the affirmation we all need). And in swimming too, with its 5ATM rating, it showed pretty accurate tracking and SWOLF data. It’s definitely got the basics right. The device does auto-recognise about 7-8 activities, a few minutes in (such as walking, running and so on). For the rest, you will need to choose the activity type before you begin.

Apart from that, it tracks everything you need, like VO2 max, heart rate, sleep, stress and menstruation cycle. By default, it comes with manual tracking but you can turn on continuous monitoring at the cost of battery life.


The battery life is impressive. The watch lasted about five days with a couple of workouts every day with GPS tracking and continuous heart rate monitoring. With the basics on and less activity, it made it to about 16 days. The watch has a pretty decent life for such a lightweight and compact body. It is definitely not the kind you will need to carry around a charger for.


For customization, there are over 50 different watch faces, all very different and each adding a personal flair to the device. There is support for Alexa in the device but it is not particularly helpful since you need to have a full setup and even then, it can’t talk back because of the lack of speakers on the watch. It is a nice touch though, if you have the whole Amazon setup, from the FireTV Stick to the Echo, it works quite seamlessly.


If you are looking to get a watch that does a pretty decent job in all aspects on a budget, this watch won’t let you down. It does what it says it can and although it isn’t built for athletes per se, it does a good job at keeping you up to speed with all the data you require. Apart from its stylish design, it pretty much blends into the vast array of entry-level smartwatches out there, but it's still worth a second look, given its price.

Stuff Says

Big display for small wrists and does a great job at its price point
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Great pricing

  1. Stylish, compact build

  1. Tons of sports modes

  1. Two-week battery life

  1. Smooth display Waterproof (5ATM)

  1. Alexa support feels gimmicky

  1. The strap isn’t too breathable

Water Resistance: 5 ATM
Strap material: Silicone
Display: AMOLED
Size: 1.65in Battery
life: 2 weeks