Apple MacBook Air 15inch review

Size matters?

₹ 1,54,900

Apple’s beloved has hit puberty and comes with bigger proportions. It will even fit bigger hands. If you sit and read our MacBook Air M2 review from last year, you’ll know what an absolute monster of a laptop the Air has become. After shedding its Intel skin and wearing Apple’s silicon, it’s easily our favourite laptop for work. The 15-inch variant is the same but just bigger.

That’s pretty much what’s happening with the 15in but if you must absolutely know where to put your money, the 15in MacBook Air M2 is a proper workhorse if you don’t want to squint at a 13-inch laptop. It’s the screen and keyboard real estate that makes all the difference here.

This 15.3-inch display has 2880x1864 pixels which is a wee bit more than the 13-inch. Since it’s bigger, there’s not any sharpness difference between the two models and that’s primarily because the pixel increase isn’t all that huge. Brightness, processor core count, media engine and everything else remain exactly the same. If you want the performance metrics, I suggest you read our Editor’s review of the Air M2 here.

I’m here to tell you why the 15in is a better option. Especially, if you have big hands! The 15-inch will accommodate your mitts perfectly on the bigger wrist rest area that it offers. As all have come to believe, it’s all about the size and I am honestly more comfortable working on a 15-inch laptop. You can finally avoid craning closer to the display to find the email with the invite to the office lunch party. Excuse my vagueness but you will FEEL the difference on the bigger one.

Yes, a bigger display and bigger wrist rest area immediately seal the deal for the most arduous of task chasers. But Apple hasn’t added anything more here. You don’t even get any extra ports or battery life. We got 19 hours of screen time which is similar to the 13-inch but it’s still way more than any Windows laptop ever!

The only minor upgrade you’ll find here is the six speakers with force-cancelling woofers compared to the four speakers on the 13-inch. The result? The M2 15-inch sounds slightly meatier and deeper with more output than its smaller sibling. It also sounds wider than the smaller MacBook Air.

Another sprinkle of difference is that you get an option between a 35W dual Type-C charger and a 70W Type-C charger during checkout from the Apple India website. You also get a braided USB-C to MagSafe cable in the box. The two Thunderbolt ports will accept up to 70W charging as well if you wish to leave the MagSafe behind for good.


The Apple MacBook Air M2 still continues to be an absolute banger laptop. For what you get, this thing is worth every rupee. Sure we all can use a few more ports and top-firing speakers but when it comes down to working on it, the Apple MacBook Air M2 delivers in spades. Ironically, the MacBook Air M2’s biggest rival is its own Air M1 model which I am daily driving because it has more storage. If you’re confused between the two models and are strapped for cash, go with the one that gives you more storage space.

Stuff Says

The battery beast got bigger, this is for all the big hands
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Better sounding than the smaller Air

  1. Comfier to type on

  1. Still great powerhouse

  1. Jawdropping battery life

  1. Expensive

  1. No extra ports