Asics Gel Nimbus 24 review

₹ 14,999

Not being a pro-level runner or an expert shoe reviewer does have its upsides, I guess. Slipping into the new Asics Gel-Nimbus 24, I felt as if it wasn’t just a shoe, but an actual coach, egging me to run faster and go further. 
As an evolution of the popular line, the Gel-Nimbus 24 improves upon its predecessors in two key areas, weight and cushioning. Of course, it helps that it looks as eye-catching as it does with nine different colourways, and if you’re a fan of the Japanese brand, it’s hard not to give it a longing second look.


The unified look of the Gel-Nimbus 24 is dictated by the jacquard mesh upper that gives it a malleable and snug fit, which is also echoed by the knitted tongue, giving it a sleek and almost sock-like feel. Asics has also changed the Trusstic system to better blend with the new FF Blast+ midsole foam. Slip your foot in and you instantly are aware of the brilliant support the firmer heel counter provides in contrast to the bouncy insole. 
Supposed to be 15% lighter and softer along with offering a better balance than the previous design, Asics has absolutely nailed the bounce factor with the composition of its Flytefoam and FF Blast+ midsole infused with gel infusion. The bouncy nature doesn’t come at the cost of stability, which long-distance runners should appreciate.

The drop will depend on the shoe size, just like the density of the foam also differs between the men/women variants. It’s a slightly deeper drop than most others in the segment, but again, it’s subjective to your preference of support.


From the moment you first strike a heel, you realise that the Gel Nimbus 24 is all about comfort and cushioning. It almost feels like you’re wearing clouds for shoes and the upper plays a large part in aiding that feeling, along with the generous amounts of gel and shock absorption from the FF Blast+ material. A few metres into my run and I’m thinking “this could be the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever had wrapped around my feet”. 
Whether you use it as a daily trainer or a hardcore running essential, what remains constant is breathability and comfort over long periods. The only minor grouse I had was the knitted tongue that could either work for you or not. There’s no doubt that it offers a supreme fit and feel around your whole lateral section of the upper foot, but over longer durations, it starts to feel considerably less plush than the rest of the shoe as you stride along.

Personally, what stood out to me the most was the sheer energy you feel while wearing the Nimbus 24. The way it launches you and cushions the ride at the same time with every heel strike is breathtaking and a marvel of material science and advanced modelling. Not being a professional runner may not give me insights into the long term durability of the outsole, but even within the few kilometres I did log with the Nimbus 24 made me want to do more of what I was doing. Grip, even on wet surfaces didn’t feel compromised thanks to the generous amount of outsole rubber, making this suitable not just for running, but an array of assorted distractions.


Not having used the Gel Nimbus 23, I can’t vouch for how much “lighter” these new 24’s feel but I never found them to be heavier than other running shoes I’ve tried. Which isn’t to say they’re feather-light either, just par for the course. But the rest of the shoe definitely punches above its weight (no pun intended) offering fantastic run comfort, stability and rebound absorption. Alternatively, if you just want a cool-looking training shoe with reflective highlights and a balanced design, our test sample in Lake Drive/Hazard Green turned heads, day or night!

Stuff Says

Expensive, but plush and well-engineered all-rounder that could be the difference between you going for a run or not!
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. FF Blast+ along with gel offers phenomenal cushioning

  1. Snug fit, especially if you like higher drops

  1. Bounciness doesn’t come at the expense of stability

  1. Knitted tongue needs to be tried before buying

  1. Not the cheapest in the pool

Heel drop: 10mm
Heel height: 26mm
Forefoot height: 16mm
Weight: 290g