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Audio Technica ATH-M20x BT review

₹ 13,500

Building your reputation in the professional world always comes with big expectations from average consumers if it’s a headphone like the Audio Technica ATH-M20x, even more so because it’s almost the de facto standard for any budding engineer or enthusiast. 

A workhorse that performs like a thoroughbred, but without the high maintenance. All that goodness now gets a big boost with the M20x BT, the wireless version of a legendary on-ear headphone that promises to keep the signature sound but leaves the cables behind.


Even to the trained eye, the differences between the wired and this wireless variant are hard to spot. The cluster of buttons that control the volume and function key along with the USB-C charging port are the only giveaways and the aesthetic is kept in line with the M-series family look. Of course, the materials are mostly plastic, but it’s a well-built unit and the branded headband adds to the street cred. The exposed wire that connects the earcups is a tad untidy, but hey, if you want to look serious about your music, it gets the job done.

Not one to succumb to “trends”, Audio Technica has stuck to the basics and although you get Bluetooth 5.0 with multipoint connection and an omnidirectional mic to answer calls, the party tricks stop there. No Apt-X, no on-ear detection, no folding ear-cups, no carry case, and an app that is a non-starter, but you do get solid connectivity and a low-latency mode for gaming and video consumption. All fairly basic, but everything that is supposed to work, works extremely well.


From the no-nonsense feature list to its easy wearability, the ATH-M20x BT is all about getting the job done. The fast pairing to any device means your ears will be piped with a synthesized voice whispering battery level and then you’re on your way to discovering music, the AT way. Neutrality is the keyword here and the ATH-M20x BT remains true to its origin of providing honest sound for the money. To some, it may sound “flat” and even boring at first, but let the track sink in and allow your ears to adjust to its tonality and you soon realize there is an earnestness to its delivery that brings a smile to your face. 

Paolo Nutini’s Last Night in the Bittersweet is a warm and fuzzy sounding record with a very intimate vocal performance and the ATH-M20x BT manages to capture that emotion with an honesty that is typical of studio monitors. The soundstage isn’t huge and it could have done with more openness, but what brings the presentation home is its lack of emphasis on any particular frequency spectrum and that is the basis for fatigue-free listening.

Bass is well resolved and the overall definition and rhythmic quality is of a high order for its price class. Some listeners may miss the sparkle at the top end and the rumble at the bottom, but if you want accuracy, you usually have to forsake fireworks. Dynamically, you’d be better off listening to them at medium to high volume levels, because although these are rated at 36ohms, the 40mm drivers seem wanting for more power than what the usual phone listening levels are. This results in a transient attack that isn’t as sharp as we would like and certainly not for those looking for a “DJ” headphone. Think of it as a tube vs solid state sound and you might get the idea…

The clamping force of the headband is firm but never uncomfortable and the ear cushions are supple and form a great seal around the ears. The amount of passive noise cancellation is impressive when you’re indoors, but they also tend to make your ears feel warm after extended use. Nothing out of the ordinary though.

AT claims a battery life of 60 hours which is ridiculously good and even a 10-minute charge can give you up to three hours of listening time either way, this is class-leading. Keeping things basic does have its advantages, after all. A clear advantage it has is in the stability of the BT connection, which was rock solid even across multiple walls over a distance of 20mts in our tests!


Anyone familiar with M-series will have no reason to dislike the sound of the ATH-M20x BT. Use it wired or wireless and there is little give in way of fidelity. It does lack some key features that would’ve made it feel more modern, but in a classical sort of way, it focuses on the essentials and we’re glad it gets the sound right, most of the time.

Stuff Says

If you want pretend pro-grade sound for a real-world budget, the ATH-M20x BT is probably the best value out there.
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Neutrality in sound

  1. BT range and connection strength

  1. Battery life is charge and forget

  1. Multipoint BT works flawlessly

  1. No folding earcups

  1. No on-ear detection

  1. Dynamics are lukewarm

Drivers: 40mm
Impedance: 36ohms
Frequency response: 5Hz - 32kHz
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 with low latency mode and multipoint
Battery life: 60 hours
Charge time: 4 hours
Cable length: 1.2m (for wired use)