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Dyson Big+Quiet Review

An air purifier that defies description, Dyson has done it again! Blending design with science like no other.

₹ 68,990

All the hullabaloo about the deteriorating AQI in our metros has spawned the need for even more powerful air purification systems. Dyson’s had a grip on the small-scale situation for a while now, but the Big+Quiet is aimed at larger houses, bigger budgets and more sensitive ears.


One of the most recognizable shapes in consumer tech, the Dyson bladeless tech has been supplanted by an equally distinctive vortex that resembles a lovechild of a Dalek and UFO. Dyson’s Big+Quiet isn’t for everyone though and you might be better off using the iconic bladeless purifiers that also offer rotation to cover all corners of a smaller room. Big+Quiet is specifically for corner placement in larger rooms. 

Installation of the two-piece system is as easy as it can get. Simply align the bowl to the main filter cylinder via the coupler and you’re set. The attached wheels and light weight make it effortless to move around the house. 

Regularly updated but seldom replicated, the Dyson Link app is your place to manage multiple Dyson machines, get a bird’s eye view on external AQI vs internal and manage filter life, set target air quality and a whole lot more.


All the major pollutants like PM2.5, PM10, VOC and NO2 kneel in front of the triple filtration system of the Big+Quiet. Sensors show the effects of the purifier in real-time with the option of maintaining a target AQI at all times if you leave it in Auto mode. 99.95% of ultrafine particles. The airflow of the Big+Quiet is quite the departure from Dyson’s previous vertical bladeless designs. The filtered air is compressed through a narrow aperture in the centre of the bowl and can be adjusted for three different angles. No rotation option here, but the throw is powerful and can effortlessly purify a large space. Dyson claims the HEPA filter is 3.8 times larger than its more conventional models and along with the active carbon filter, it won’t have any trouble cleaning up a large, 1000 sq.ft space. In daily use, it did take about 3-4 hours to bring down the internal AQI to “Good” levels on the app, but you can run it at max fan speed and bring these times down. 

The “quiet” part is achieved by shaving off harsh edges in the motor system to reduce turbulence, pressure and noise. Dyson claims 56dB of noise even at the max fan speed and in our tests, it was in that ballpark. Drop it a notch to level 9 and this figure reduces dramatically. Below level 6, you’ll struggle to even tell if the machine is on and this is a testament to Dyson’s acoustic engineering team.


Although a dedicated notch on the filter grille lets you magnetically latch the remote on the unit, keep it in Auto mode and forget about it. The form factor of the Big+Quiet is more conducive to larger rooms, thanks to its sizeable footprint and here, it should be left in the Auto mode and let its do its thing, 24x7. The positive effects of having an air purifier might be hard to quantify on a day-to-day basis.

Stuff Says

Retains typical Dyson engineering with new functionality, but only for a specific use case.
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Wheels make it easy to cart around

  1. Stealthy operation at most fan speeds

  1. Long filter life

  1. No rotation option

  1. Basic display on the unit itself

  1. Expensive

Airflow: 50lts/sec
Noise level: 43dbA (quiet) 55.6dbA (max)
Carbon filter life: 8760 hrs
HEPA filter life: 21,900 hrs
Fixed Angle: 50 degrees
Cord length: 5.9ft
Dimensions (WHD): 16.3 x 32.7 x 17.1in
Weight: 11.5kg