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Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner review

Ecovacs’ take on all things dirty!

₹ 43,900

Robot cleaners that zip around your home, gobbling up dust and dirt, aren't exactly a novel concept anymore. But since they continue to evolve at a fast pace, prices are a bit up there. Enter Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro, an economical option that won't break the bank and does a decent job at keeping your place clean.


The Deebot N8 Pro looks like a big ol' flying saucer on a cleaning mission (pretty much like other robot cleaners in the market). If you flip it around, you'll spot a handy slot in the back where you can attach the mop. Up top, there's a lid hiding the dust bin, power button, and Wi-Fi button. 

In the package, you'll find a charging dock, brushes that you attach to the robot, a power cable, mopping pads, and a mopping plate. Setting it up is pretty easy; all you need is the Ecovacs app. Just follow the instructions on the screen, and you'll be up and running in no time. But at the same time it also means if your app is acting out or is lagging a bit, your cleaner gives up too.


What's neat about the Deebot N8 Pro is that it's a 2-in-1 cleaner– it both mops and vacuums. Once it's linked up with the app, it maps out your home so the robot can navigate and get down to cleaning. You can actually give names to different areas on its cleaning map and send your Deebot to clean a specific spot. Plus, you can save multiple maps for different levels of your house and customise where and when you want the Deebot to clean on each map. And you can also set up virtual boundaries to keep the Deebot out of restricted areas, like stairs or washrooms. 

Speaking of robot vacuums, a common concern for many of us is how well they'll handle obstacles. Most homes have various items scattered around, like carpets and rugs, and let's be honest none of us can afford the vacuum to mop those fancy carpets. So Deebot N8 does pretty good at spotting stuff and avoiding it. Its TrueDetect 3D technology is pretty useful that ways. The Deebot N8 Pro employs a 3D scanning algorithm that lets it assess the room. It spots both sizable and tiny objects in its path and navigates around them. For instance, if there are socks scattered around, this Deebot can sidestep them and keep on with its cleaning mission. Admittedly, there might be a slight moment of hesitation from the robot now and then, but for the most part, it handles the task quite capably. However sometimes it gets stuck revolving around things, at moments like these you just have to instruct it to go back to the dock and start again. 

The suction power of the Deebot N8 Pro is good when it comes to pet hair or regular dirt  but it's not on par with, let's say, a Dyson vacuum cleaner. This Deebot model has a peak suction power of 2,600 pa, which you have to manually activate through the app. It handles regular cleaning tasks quite effectively. However, when it comes to mopping, you might notice that it needs to make a couple of passes to achieve a spotless result. In terms of noise levels, it's not particularly loud, but you'll still be aware that there's some whirring going on in the background. Since it's a robot, it's considerate enough to remind you when it's time to take care of its internal components as well.


With a price tag of ₹43,900, the Deebot N8 Pro offers value for what it brings to the table. However, it's worth noting that when it encounters thin and long items like hair or ribbons sort of things, they can sometimes get tangled in its filter. To deal with this, you'll have to manually open the robot and untangle the brushes. While it's a minor inconvenience, it's important to be aware of this aspect of maintenance, especially if you have pets or frequently encounter such items on your floors.

Stuff Says

If you live alone and long for a clean home but also don't want to spend a lot of money, this can be your answer.
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. It is good at mapping floors and detecting/avoiding objects lying around.

  1. You can schedule the cleaning at a certain time and of a certain place.

  1. Battery life is pretty decent.

  1. The need for manual intervention when things get tangled in the brushes.

  1. Dependency on the app to start it and stop it.

Suction power: 22,600 pa
Weight: 6.78kg
Battery Life:: 110 Minutes
Dimensions: 41L x 16.4W x 40H cm
Included component: Water Tank, Battery, Charging Adapter