Godrej Ace Pro Home Camera review

Acing on the cake

₹ 3,999

If your guard dog is always taking beauty naps, how about you invest in a digital mutt that pings your phone every time a two-legged intruder is trying to raid the fridge at night?

The Godrej Ace Pro Home Camera doesn’t look inconspicuous. With one glance at its bulbous proportions, you can tell something is watching you. It doesn’t hide in plain sight and for your luxurious home decor, it might stick out like a sore thumb. Regardless, it is easy to set up and get started, and you’ll never actually have to worry about fiddling with it ever again.

The app is where you can control your digital mutt to follow all your instructions without asking for treats. It can record and even follow humans and pets too. The detection is surprisingly impressive for such a budget security camera and once it’s connected to your Wi-Fi, you get swift reminders about the fridge raiders, four-legged troublemakers and just about anyone entering the field of view.

It has a 3MP camera with night vision and a 100° FOV. That’s enough to cover an entire room in a Mumbai apartment. The quality is clear enough to distinguish human faces in good lit conditions. In low light, not so much. Albeit, if you’re hiding national treatures then its better to invest in better quality cameras. This here is enough to keep an eye on your pets and regular home security. If you’re mounting this outside your house for faces then it’s better kept at eye-level. The movement detection is immaculate though. You can increase or decrease the sensitivity and even catch your furry friends scramping around the house. 

The app gives you a notification every time someone steps into the FOV of the camera. There are granular settings to adjust this as well. You can set time periods from where the auto detection kicks into action or chose a zone in the FOV where it gets triggered. If you want to go Prime Minister-style and yell ‘Jaldi Waha Se Hatto’ then the call feature is good and the onboard speakers are loud as well. There’s a siren too!

The storage is only through a memory card slot and you can also connect it to your Amazon Alexa and watch the live feed directly from your Echo devices.

Stuff Says

A quick and easy way to set up home security for menial threats
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Easy to set up

  1. App is great

  1. Movement detection is solid

  1. Low light is average

  1. No NAS connection