Huse Slick review

Is it an EV? Is it a bicycle? Is it a scooter. Is it just a toy? Read on and find out...

₹ 59,000

First things first - No! This isn’t the Kinetic Luna. The Huse Slick falls into the category of a utility EV - at least that’s what we used it mainly for. It comes in Red and Grey colour variants and is available for prebooking on the Huse website.

Design & Build

The design shouts chic and modern - it’s probably the only way to make this form factor look appealing and it sure is. As soon as we entered our office (quite literally) all eyes were on the Slick and there was an instant queue formed to hop on and take a joy ride. We don’t get such a response when we ride in on a sports bike, it’s that slick!

However, the curiosity and novelty dampens a bit when you take a closer look at the overall build quality. Everything seems plastic and even the paint job on the shock absorbers is a bit rudimentary. The quality of switches and indicators don’t inspire confidence either. We get the sense that it's built to a price.


The rider gets a high-definition LED display that churns out battery info, speed and range. While testing, the display indicated we were going at 45 kmph when in reality it can’t even go that fast.

The Huse Slick houses a Lithium battery with a BMS (Battery Management System) that keeps it from overcharging and eventually exploding. It takes about 4 hours for it to fully charge from nil. If you run out of charge, you can pedal your way home as well.

Ride Quality

The ride isn’t the comfiest or confidence inspiring (good thing it maxes out at only 25 Kmph) and while the cushioned seat absorbs most undulations, you sort of feel like a bear in a circus trying to get groceries home - fun, yet trouser troubling. It has a 35 KM range so make sure you plan your commute accordingly. The Huse Slick comes with drum brakes instead of discs. They’re adjustable, but take getting used to and not that confidence inspiring.


The Huse Slick is very cool indeed, yet it unfortunately left us wanting a bit more in terms of refinement and fit and finish. The funky buzzer horn and the cute LED strip headlights add to its charm too. Let’s not forget the fact that it costs a cool ₨60,000. That could get you a ‘proper’ scooter in the second hand market but hey, you can’t put a price on having fun.

Stuff Says

More fun than anything else, the Slick is a great chore machine
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Looks Cool

  1. Great for small runabouts

  1. Decent Battery Life

  1. Price

  1. Not the most comfortable

  1. Build quality is just okay

  1. Brakes need improvement

Max Speed: 25kmph
Range: 35km (Eco)
Charge Time: 4 hours
Power: 400W
Bettery: 16A
Max Payload: 120Kgs