Hyperice Hypervolt 2 review

Adieu muscle stiffness

₹ 30,999

The Hypervolt series is the most recognised and easy to use gadget from Hyperice. You can use it on your desk, in the loo, on the train and even while watching Netflix. The Hypervolt is the most versatile of all the percussion devices that make it out of the Hyperice HQ. 

Yup, this is not just limited to the Hypervolt 2. Even the pocket-friendly Hypervolt Go (₹16,999) which we tested a few months ago was useful in many different scenarios. But if the Hypervolt Go and 2 both offer the same method of muscle relief, why should you pay extra for the Hypervolt 2? Ah, the answer is a little more complicated than that and hopefully, we find the answer in this review.


Design: Bigger, better, deeper

The biggest difference between the Hypervolt 2 and the Hypervolt 1 is the refined design. The Hypervolt 2 feels like a unibody design and has a uniform colour. Unlike the previous one which had part and colour separation and looked more industrial than this lifestyle-esque Hypervolt 2.

The Hypervolt 2 is also quite heavy and built like a tank. So apart from aiding muscle tension and relief, you can smack your enemies with it and deliver muscle pain. 

The weight is not a problem because it has a fantastic battery life of nearly three hours. That may sound less but in actual use, it’s a lot because you’re never using the thing for more than 15mins at a time. There’s a nice LED ring also which indicates the battery life.


Performance: It’s all for the work

Here’s the kicker. While the Hypervolt Go is pocket-friendly and travel-friendly, the Hypervolt 2 is meant to be used by serious athletes. If you’re hitting the gym on a regular basis then you might not need more than the Hypervolt Go but if you’re a trainer at the gym who lives and breathes muscle fitness then the Hypervolt 2 makes a lot of sense.

It’s got more power, better interchangeable heads, a longer battery and smarter features. Let’s start with the obvious. The Hypervolt 2 has a 60W brushless motor compared to the 40W on the Hypervolt Go. That extra oomph also means that if you’re the dainty type, then the Hypervolt 2 might feel a bit rigorous on your body. In an ideal scenario, the Hypervolt 2 will help a gamer and desk-nerd like myself and The Great Khali in equal measure but since The Great Khali has more muscle mass than yours truly, the Hypervolt 2 is more suitable for him than the Go.


The Hypervolt 2 also has a pressure sensor which means you can gauge how deep you want to push it into your muscle and attack your pain points and deep tissues. The three LED dots light up as you press the Hypervolt 2 deeper into your muscle. If all three light up, you’re probably bone-deep or if you’re The Great Khali then you’re probably just touching the surface.

Jokes aside, the three-speed percussion device is quite formidable with its many attachments which are included in the box. The five interchangeable heads can attack most of the muscles in your body. Especially the leg, back, hands and around the joints. What makes the Hypervolt 2 special is the Bluetooth connection with the Hyperice app. The app is great and we mentioned that in our Hypervolt Go review as well. You can follow routines that come with video guidance and find a routine for almost anything.

The Hypervolt 2 makes following the routine a wee bit easier. You see, the Bluetooth connection works with the app and it allows the app to control the three speeds when you’re following a routine. So once the dedicated head is attached for a particular routine, all you have to do is watch and follow the video while the app controls how fast or slow the Hypervolt 2 should be at a particular section of the video while the instructor is doing it. It’s so easy and intuitive, especially for longer routines where you don’t have to lift the device from its position to change the speed. The Bluetooth connection, which seems a bit redundant and meaningless for a percussion massager at first, will totally change how you warm-up or cool down. And in my opinion, it makes a huge difference in providing that premium comfort where the device knows what to do and you simply have to focus on your muscle.

Of course, you can turn on manual control as well if you feel the need to adjust the speed yourself.



For a whopping ₹30,999, the Hypervolt 2 is not cheap by any standard. Its design, built quality and performance are fantastic and that might urge you to splurge that extra cash on the percussion massager but you should do so only if you’re serious about your health and lifestyle.

If you’re battling regular body aches and want to share the Hyperice among family members then the Hypervolt Go is probably the best option. You will have to cough up some extra for the interchangeable heads.

The Hypervolt 2 is all about fitness and athlete physique. It’s an investment in your muscle health and well-being. Especially if you jump off aeroplanes for Redbull and GoPro’s Instagram profile or if you wrestle with everyday trolls like The Great Khali or if you’re at the top of your game like Hyperice’s investor Virat Kohli. These folks are at the peak of physical fitness (maybe not Khali) and for these folks, the Hyperice Hypervolt 2 is a proper massage gun. It offers features and a pressure gauge like no other device.


Stuff Says

The Hypervolt 2 is a serious massager for serious money for serious folks
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Tough build quality and looks pretty

  1. Proper massager

  1. The pressure gauge is helpful

  1. Bluetooth connection is very important (for some reason)

  1. Five interchangeable heads in the box

  1. App is unbeatable

  1. No travel case included

  1. No USB Type-C charging

  1. Not for everyone

Weight: 0.81kgs
Battery life: 3 hours
Speed: 3 speeds of percussion
Motor: Brushless high-torque 60W motor
Bluetooth: Connects via Bluetooth to the Hyperice App (for automated speed control)
Pressure sensor: Patented Pressure Sensor Technology showcases how much pressure is being applied
Head attachments: 5 (fork, ball, cushion, flat, bullet)