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Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition review

Cherry in the Arc-tic

from ₹ 23,489

Intel updated their drivers to squeeze even more performance out of the Intel Arc GPUs and now the A770 and the A750 have both been injected with some much-needed DX9 games support. Intel says this makes the Intel Arc A770 and A750 very competitive with Nvidia and AMD’s offerings. The whole price-to-performance argument is back on the table because Intel has specifically targeted multiple DX9 games to run 40% and sometimes even 100% better than the previous drivers. We’ll dive right into the FPS and let those speak for themselves.


Since Intel has pointed out that DX9 games will run better than before, the main thing to take away from Intel’s presentation is that the drivers are meant to stabilise and increase performance for DX9 games. Meaning, now you’ll see fewer spikes in games’ frametimes and a steadier performance overall. 

CS:GO was the biggest culprit within the early launch drivers and with the newer drivers (Feb 2023 and onwards), the game was running at 200+ FPS on our system on 2K resolution with settings on High. Rarely did the game drop below 190FPS.

The other DX9 games on Intel’s release that got a performance benefit were irrelevant to the current gaming generation in our opinion. So we hopped on the next best game to test this Intel Arc A750 GPU.

Games like Valorant also see some benefits from the new drivers. The Intel Arc A750 can run Valorant at more than 150FPS at high settings on 2K resolution. This is looking like a Christmas deal to me. Overwatch 2 also gets a steady 120FPS on Ultra graphics with High and Medium settings on 2K resolution. The game also occasionally hits a high of 150FPS.

Call of Duty Warzone and Multiplayer was running at a stable 70FPS with high settings and 2K resolution. Intel XeSS wasn’t much help here and we didn’t see any significant frame jump with or without it.

Games like Returnal and Hogwarts Legacy are meant to run on FullHD with medium to low settings. Even then, the GPU will barely reach 60FPS and have occasional frame drops when the screen gets busy. 



All this without a peak in temperature and fan noise, and any overclocking needed. For FullHD gaming, the Intel Arc A750 is packing plenty of processing grunt and the new drivers are a genuine upgrade to the GPU’s performance. However, these upgrades are best felt on DX9 games and to Intel’s credit, that was what the drivers were meant to do. 

For an equally priced card like the Nvidia RTX 3050, the Intel is far better. The Intel Arc A750 performs closer to the Nvidia RTX 3060 but doesn’t beat it. If you consider the price, the Intel Arc A750 is still a value champ. Although the 8GB VRAM is quite slim for the latest titles like Resident Evil 4 and more.

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Stuff Says

The Arc A750 is a good deal for FullHD gamers with a small pocket
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Better DX9 performance after the update

  1. Good value for FullHD gaming

  1. Stays cool and quiet under load

  1. XeSS needs to work better

  1. A770 is a better value