Lenovo Tab M10 5G review

I’ll get the tab…

from ₹ 21,999

Lenovo’s Tab has finally hit the Indian market and it comes with a host of updates. 5G capabilities to start with and of course a much better processor along with support for a host of other accessories that Lenovo doesn’t bundle with the Tab M10. You can get it for around Rs. 21,999 for the 4GB/128GB variant and Rs. 23,999 for the 6GB/128GB model. This puts it in the crosshairs of well almost every tablet out there. Having 5G connectivity is the distinguishing factor here, but there’s more to the Tab M10…

Display & Build

When you first look at the new Tab M10 5G (left on the picture above) you immediately notice those chunky bezels around the display. HAving used the OnePlus Tab recently the Tab M10 5G immediately looks and feels slightly dated. The build quality however is top notch and you don’t have to think twice before chucking it in your bag unlike some of the competitors. Nothing is going to hurt the M10 5G. It comes in a dark blue shade that Lenovo calls Abyss Blue and is elegantly unassuming. 

The display is a 10.6in 2000x1200 2K panel with a 90Hz refresh rate and 400 nits of brightness. When compared to the OnePlus Pad Go and even the higher end OnePlus Pad, the lesser dynamic range was evident almost immediately when we streamed Lucy over Netflix. That’s not to say that the display isn’t enjoyable in isolation though. The 90Hz feels smooth as well and certainly helps when you’re serving up some lead in Call of Duty. Of course it doesn’t make any dents in something like the Xiaomi Pad 6 with its 144Hz refresh rate experience, so if you’re looking for a tab with gaming in mind, you might want to consider this fact.


The Snapdragon 695 is the star here and it shines really bright. In fact in real world tests, the Lenovo outperforms the OnePlus Pad Go when it comes to processing prowess albeit by a very slight margin. The device comes with an option of 4GB and 6GB RAM and our choice would be the 6GB variant. Quite frankly we are a bit surprised that Lenovo has offered a 4GB variant in 2023. You get 128GB on board with an option to extend it via a MicroSD slot. The 5G performance is great. We tested with Jio and everything seemed to be working as it should. 

The Tab M10 5G runs on Android 13 which comes with 1 free OS upgrade and 3.5 years of security updates. The Lenovo ZUI is incredibly clean and doesn’t feature any bloatware. It’s one of the slickest experiences out there and I absolutely love it. Everything is where it should be and feels intuitive in its entirety. It’s built for simplicity, making it ideal for some of the more geriartic customers out there.  

The 8MP front camera and the 13MP back unit are pretty basic and nothing to write home about as is the case with most tablets. The 7700mAh battery is impressive. You can binge watch Netflix all day or play countless rounds of Call of Duty and the Tab M10 will still have juice left at the end of the day! Use it moderately and without 5G, on Wifi and it will last for more than a day quite easily.


The Tab M10 5G is a pretty decent all rounder but the higher set price puts it in the crosshairs of an entire host of other tablets that offer more for just a slight increase in price and some even for the same price. The obvious draw here is 5G connectivity and if that is on the top of your list, there’s nothing out there in the market that provides an overall package that is so well put together. The Tab M10 makes for a great entertainment and leisure reading tablet that doesn’t disappoint in the least.

Stuff Says

If 5G connectivity is at the top of your list, this is it, if not the competition offers more
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Impressive battery life

  1. Simple UI

  1. Great for reading

  1. 5G connectivity

  1. Faces fierce competition

  1. Display could be better