Lenovo Tab M11 review

Budget Banger

₹ 18,000

Lenovo’s 2024 lineup starts with a budget offering in the form of the Tab M11. It comes in at a starting price of Rs. 18,000 and if you add four grand more, you get a handy pen that you could doodle with. Lenovo claims the laptop is aimed mainly at students and for casual use and entertainment. It comes equipped with certain apps that weigh in on that claim and are aimed at the said audience.

Lenovo Tab M11 Review: Display & Build

We see a fresh design compared to the previous M10. Lenovo has added a sort of glass band that runs along the line of the camera module with subtle Lenovo branding at the end. It looks very classy and subtle. The aluminum sort of finish isn’t a fingerprint magnet unlike the previous generation and the build quality is typically good. 

The display is a 1920x1200 LCD with 400nits of brightness ( the Tab M10 had a 2K display) but in isolation it is just okay. There’s nothing really to boast here and not much to complain about either. It gets the job done and the 90Hz refresh rate keeps things smooth. Compared to the OnePlus Pad Go, it still feels a little lacking when it comes to dynamic range and overall sharpness. 

The Tab M11 gets quite loud for casual movies and Netflix streaming. There’s enough oomph in the lower end of the spectrum for a full bodied sound and Lenovo has also included an audio-in jack on one of the corners for wired headphones.

Lenovo Tab M11 Review: Performance & UI

The Lenovo Tab M10 5G sported the Snapdragon 695 processor, but the M11 comes with a Mediatek Helio G88 chip probably as a result of the lower price tag. The G88 chip is just okay for regular tasks and Netflix streaming. It scored 435 in Geekbench (single-core) and 1432 for the multi-core. It can do some basic gaming as well but we wouldn’t want to push it too far up the graphics settings as things get jittery after about 30mins of continuous gaming on high settings. 

We have been fans of the Lenovo UI since a while now and with the Tab M11, Lenovo should really take a bow. Right from the integration of the stylus and making it truly usable, to the promised OS updates till 2028, Lenovo has truly outdone themselves. There’s apps that support learning too such as My Script Calculator that helps solve math equations and there’s Nebo on board that allows you to take notes, convert your writing to text and much more! You can also use the tablet as a second screen paired with your laptop and there’s a host of reading modes as well that allow you to read in peace.

The battery life lasts for a cool 10 hours if you stream continuously thanks to the 7000mAh battery, but it supports only 15W fast charging, which is a bit on the slower side if you’re used to the charging speeds smartphones provide these days.

Lenovo Tab M11 Review: Verdict

A slight price slash also comes with minor deductions for the Tab M11, but in terms of an overall package, the M11 is still quite a formidable option for those not looking for a serious work tablet. It’s casual, it’s got loads of features when it comes to its UI and the inclusion of certain apps makes it even more compelling to spend that bit extra on the stylus. Add to that the fact that there’s expandable storage and the ability to add a SIM card, and you start to see where the value truly comes from.

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Bang for buck! The Tab M11 is a budget banger
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  1. Processor is just okay

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