Lenovo Tab P11 Pro review

Android Tab King

₹ 44,999

It’s not ‘Stuff’ style to immediately tell you how good or bad a product is, but to hell with it! The Tab P11 Pro is effing beautiful! If you buy it without accessories, you have in hand a gorgeous slab of OLED goodness that just seems perfect! Get the accessories though and that’s when you notice the genius of Lenovo’s design and thoughtful engineering.

Precision power

The keyboard layout isn’t cramped and is quite comfortable to use. The magnetic force is stronger than the love of a mother and it doesn’t detach easily. What we really like is the gesture support on the trackpad which makes it intuitive to use just like a laptop! The Lenovo Precision Pen sticks behind the tablet for storage and while in use, you can plop it on the top edge. It’s precise and even the pressure sensitivity is judged almost perfectly. The pen charges itself too when placed at the back.

Oh my LED!

The tab itself weighs 480 grams and is slick with narrow bezels, making it really easy to hold for a nice binging session. The 120Hz, 11.5in OLED display comes with a 2560x1536 resolution and is razor sharp! The 120HZ refresh rate makes it smoother than MJ’s Moonwalk and the brightness is rated at 420nits, allowing Dolby Vision and HDR10+ badges to be slapped on. 

'All Quiet on the Western Front' offers a deeper insight into the Tab Pro's abilities. The grim opening scene between the ridges truly comes to life on this display. The green and brown muck-covered uniforms and even the little etchings on the leather of the gun straps are all extremely well-detailed and judged! Equally impressive are the textures seen during the flamethrower scene when Katczinsky retreats with the machine gun!


The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro also has four dedicated speakers tuned by JBL around the sides that are positioned masterfully and blurt out audio that blows away some of the laptops we have. It’s well balanced with an emphasis on the mid-range so you don’t miss any dialogues. The whizzing bullets and explosions also sound convincing, making for a great experience.

Performance Power

The MediaTek Kompanio 1300T paired with 8gigs of RAM dismisses normal productivity tasks easily and we didn’t experience any stutter while working even with a moderately heavy load. Gaming on the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is also pretty immersive and fun! The Kompanio chipset handles most titles well and the gorgeous OLED display makes sure you are addicted! We did expect it to heat up with extended gaming sessions on high settings, but the P11 Pro doesn’t disappoint here either. The heat is moderate and not a cause for concern. We could get a cool 7 hours of battery life with normal use on medium to high brightness.


The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is one of those devices that you think you don’t need in your life till you use it. It becomes a part of your daily drivers and sometimes even replaces your laptop when the workload is light. It’s better than our petty-displayed laptops thanks to the gorgeous OLED and seems to be the top Android contender. What adds more value is the almost perfectly integrated keyboard and pointer accessories by Lenovo which feel intuitive to use! If your ethos is Android and you need a tablet, look no further.

Stuff Says

Brilliantly engineered and integrated! The Tab P11 Pro is a winner at this price if entertainment and light workload are a priority.
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. OLED is stunning

  1. Brilliant engineering

  1. Intuitive Keyboard

  1. Great Audio

  1. Nothing at this price

Battery: 8000 mAH
Camera: 13 MP Rear Camera| 8 MP Front Camera
Display: 11.2 in (2560x1536) OLED, 420nits
Processor: Mediatek Kompanio 1300T Octacore
RAM: 8GB Storage 256Gb (1TB Expandable)
Weight: 480g