Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 Review

Stand to win

₹ 27,999

We’ve all at some point used books, magazines, pillows or our growing lockdown belly to prop a tablet to watch a web series or read a book. Such jugaads aren’t always easy to find, and they are all just temporary solutions. Lenovo however has come up with a rather simple answer, and that is the highlight of the Lenovo Yoga Tab 11.

Design: Just for kicks

One of the first things you’ll notice is the unusual shape of the Yoga Tab 11, which looks like a magazine folded at the binding. It is a refreshing change from the majority of similar looking tabs. It is however a tad heavy, and using it in portrait mode, held in one hand, isn’t that comfortable. 
But in landscape mode, there aren’t too many tabs that are as easy to use, and all the credit goes to the kickstand at the back. It lets you prop the tab at different angles, and is suitable for most surfaces. It may not be the most subtle solution, but you appreciate its usefulness while watching OTT content, reading or even video conferencing with friends or colleagues. When not in use, the stand can be folded, and it rests in the crevice of the curved back.

Another interesting design choice is the half-fabric-half-plastic back panel. The top part, housing the camera and the ‘Yoga’ logo, is covered in a fabric. While the bottom half is plastic with that stand in the middle. 

Display: Binge-worthy screen

For a tab that aims to make watching and reading stuff convenient, the display should be more than capable. Fortunately, the Yoga Tab 11 has one. The 11.27in IPS display may not be as bright as some of the OLED panels out there, but it can get plenty bright indoors. Viewing angles are good, and so is the touch response. The 2000x1200 pixels resolution also makes images and text look sharp and crisp. 
The display also supports the use of a stylus, and is said to work well with Lenovo’s Precision Pen 2. It may not have SPen level of features, but there’s still plenty to do like sketch, write, and navigate. The only catch is the stylus is not bundled, and needs to be separately bought (₹6,300).

Aiding the viewing experience is the four JBL speaker setup on the tab. These are loud enough for a decent-sized room, and sound good whether you’re watching an action-packed web series or listening to some relaxing jazz music. Unless you don’t want your wife to know what you’re watching, you won’t be needing headphones. Which is good, since the tab doesn’t have a 3.5mm audio jack. 

Performance: Long and strong

Under the tab’s hood is an octa-core MediaTek Helio G90T chip, which doesn’t set any benchmarking charts on fire. But in day-to-day use, it is capable of handling basic office work, OTT binge sessions, and also a bit of casual gaming. 
We did notice a bit of lag, but that’s down to the Android OS, which is still not fully optimised for the bigger screens. Thankfully, the Android 11 skin is not overly bloated, and only comes preloaded with the basic apps for work and play. In case you’re wondering, there’s an Android 12 update on the horizon.

Battery life is quite good, and you can easily go 3-4 days before hunting for the charger again. There’s not a lot of idle power drain either, and the battery levels are more or less intact, even if the tab is not used for a couple of days. Lenovo has bundled a 20W charger, which can fully juice up the tab in a little over two hours.

Verdict: Should you buy?

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 is a dream to use if all you expect from a tab is to watch videos and listen to music. The kickstand makes a world of a difference for the times you just want to lay down and watch stuff. Even though our travel plans are on hold, this tab seems perfectly suited for watching stuff when wedged into the claustrophobic airplane seats.
Beyond that however, there’s not a lot you can do on the tab. It’s shortcomings are easily noticeable the moment you expect it to do a bit of heavy lifting. It’s best suited as a secondary device or as a primary device to keep the kids occupied and entertained.

Stuff Says

Versatile performer that’s way more fun-to-use than entry-level laptops.
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Built-in kickstand is very convenient

  1. A good display for binging

  1. Loud speakers

  1. Decent battery life

  1. On the heavier side

  1. No 3.5mm audio jack

  1. Face unlock is erratic

Display: 11in 2K LCD IPS
Processor: MediaTek Helio G90T octa-core
Battery: 7,500mAh
Cameras: 8MP (rear) / 8MP (front)
Audio: 4x JBL speakers
OS: Android 11