Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE63S Coupe Review

EV what?

₹ 2,07,00,000

When you think of the letters A-M-G, most likely the thoughts are accompanied by a matching soundtrack. Thanks to the legendary handbuilt V8 engines mated to the AMG performance exhaust, muscle Mercs of yore were something to be scared of. 
Fast forward to the GLE63S Coupe and like all things in 2022, it too has been sanitised…a bit. For starters, it gets a handbuilt V8 alright, but this one has twin-scroll turbochargers sending power to an advanced 4WD system and even gets a 48V mild-hybrid system, making it the first 63-series AMG to get this motorsport-derived battery boost. The battery doesn’t just help generate more power and torque, but also aids in the active Airmatic suspension to stabilise body roll.

Then come the mighty numbers that make you go weak in the knees if it's the first AMG you’ll ever drive or own. 612hp and 850Nm come from the twin-turbo V8 while an additional 22hp and 200Nm is compliments of the 48V mild-hybrid system and adding them up isn’t for the faint of heart. All this power means that this two plus tonne beast can reach the ton in less than four seconds. Physics? Ha!

Tech: Loaded inside and under

Mercedes isn’t wrong in calling this a “coupe”, even though it has four doors. The sloping roofline adds a distinct look that is sexy and menacing at the same time. The humongous 22in wheels shod with rubber as wide as most Indian B-roads look intimidating, not to mention the AMG-specific Panamercana grille that looks like it wants to swallow autoricksaws whole and bumpers with aggression dripping out of every inlet and fin.

Step on the floorboard and on to the cockpit and things are familiar but just a bit more butch. The beautifully made seats in three different materials, twin 12.3in screens that feature special track-based graphics and info screens and the Dinamica microfibre clad steering wheel…all of it makes it a pretty special place to be, and you won’t be mistaking this for a regular GLE.

As you’d expect, heated/cooled front seats, heated/cooled cup holders even, head-up display, 13-speaker Burmester Surround sound system with 590W of power, panoramic sunroof, 64 colour ambient lighting, and a long list of sundry features are included as standard. Connectivity wise, lack of wireless CarPlay and Android Auto is surprising considering this is the newest generation of MBUX, but it does get wired mirroring, USB-C ports front and back and a totally customisable instrument cluster that is one of the best in the business.

The haptic-feedback touchpad works well but its sensitivity is something you’ll have to get used to before mastering it. Different graphic modes can change as per your mood, sporty or sophisticated and there is loads of data right in front of your eyes like a G-force meter, tire pressure monitor, oil and engine temperature levels, torque distribution and usage…the list is endless but you can call upon any of it swiftly with your thumbs.
Hi-tech driving aids like Blind Spot assist, Active brake assist and park assist are standard as well, but besides the Blind Spot assistance, it’s better to rely on your own senses and judgement. 

Drive: to survive!

Being a full-bore AMG, obviously the focus is on ferocity and after the 9G-tronic transmission takes a nanosecond to put the power down and the turbos wake up, the GLE63S is like a steam train with a hostage situation! The AMG performance exhaust system may not be as painfully loud as the earlier gen car, but it is pretty vocal with a guttural sound that keeps better as you start building up the revs. 
There is no letting up of power all the way till the 7,000RPM redline and the GLE63S just masks its weight behind so much useable power that it never feels like a handful. Speaking of which, the Dinamica microfiber may just be even better than Alcantara for hand feel and the flat-bottomed AMG sports steering is one of the best wheels I've had my hands on. It’s supremely grippy, perfectly sized and weighs up perfectly as you gain speed. Even the physical buttons with the thumb-pads work so much better than the all-capacitive controls on the new S-Class
Despite its massive size, it wraps around you like a big hatch that has power on demand and when you demand efficiency, it can also engage cylinder deactivation, essentially making it a family hatchback! Well, don’t attempt hypermiling it. It is an AMG after all and the Drive modes change its character dramatically from Comfort to Sport+ and Track being the most extreme. Even the process of changing the drive modes is made easier than ever with a rotary selector right on the steering wheel with a tiny OLED display to help you cycle between modes.

Even the ride height can be instantly increased from the steering wheel itself should you find yourself face-to-face with a metro construction site. Individual allows you to customise each parameter to your liking, so steering, suspension, throttle response, exhaust loudness..all of it can be mixed in the right proportions to suit your driving style or environment. 

Grip levels, as expected from the 4WD system, are tremendous and unless you are out on a track, you will never experience life on the limit in a GLE63S. There is simply too much power for any public road in India and that is its trump card. Power that can be used on any road, if you can find it. With its ground clearance, helped by a height-adjustable air suspension, you could have all the drama of an AMG, without the tragedy associated with their usual body kits and aero packages.

Find an empty patch of road and you can’t help but floor the GLE63S just to experience the mind-numbing acceleration and soundtrack from the exhaust pipes. It’s so addictive to have more than a 1,000Nm at your disposal that going back to any other car just seems underwhelming and you will take time to recalibrate to reality. Well, if you’re already thinking of buying an AMG, your reality may be someone else’s dream and though the GLE63S isn’t the stuff of dreams, it should be! It has all the thrills of a proper AMG, but without the caveats that they usually come with. 

Added practicality comes in the form of a 655 litre boot even with the seats up. Thoughtfully, there’s a suspension lowering button even in the boot area to make loading luggage easier. Seating comfort for four is fantastic and with the GLE63S in Comfort mode, while not as supple as the S-Class, it never gets bone jarring like its 22in wheels would suggest on paper. You could live with it as a daily driver, never worrying about bad roads or car destroying speed bumps.


After a spate of 35 and 53 series AMG launches, the 63 series gives you solace that all is still well in the land of big block V8s. This won’t be the case for long though given the pace of electrification within the Mercedes-Benz family tree, making this, the GLE63S one of the last scions of old-school power before things go silent forever. 
This AMG is big but agile, sexy but practical and insanely powerful without being a daunting opponent to the driver. If you can afford one, there is no reason to not consider it along with the couple of other competitors it has in the Porsche Cayenne Coupe or the Audi RS Q8. Not a bad problem to have, eh?

Stuff Says

Big and burly, the AMG GLE63S is a brilliant reminder of what a “proper” AMG should feel, and sound like!
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Bespoke AMG styling touches

  1. Driving dynamics and power!

  1. Easy to use controls and MBUX infotainment

  1. Misses out on wireless Apple CarPlay

  1. Subdued exhaust note compared to previous gen

Engine: 4.0L V8 bi-turbo
Power: 612hp/850Nm + 22hp/250Nm (EQ Boost)
Drivetrain: 4 wheel drive
Transmission: 9-speed torque converter
Top speed: 280km/hr
Acceleration: 0-100 in 3.8secs