Mercedes EQS580 review

The S Class of EVs is here

₹ 1,55,00,000

With a collective shift in the thought and acceptance, EVs across all segments are enjoying boom time, no pun intended. Automobile battery architecture and manufacturing has been backed by sufficient safety standards and production maturity, as opposed to two-wheelers, so the only boom EV cars are seeing is in sales numbers…and in the case of the EQS580, through its Burmester speakers. Yes, you can select the kind of electric “sound” you like your luxury EV to emit and while it’s no substitute for a raspy AMG-powered V8, it is likable if you’re a Tron fan.


Regardless of an exhaust note, you will definitely see the EQS580. Like a stealthy predator shaped by the wind, it is the world’s most aerodynamic production car with a drag coefficient of just 0.20. If you don’t have a degree in physics, it basically translates to a shape that cuts through the wind like a sushi knife through Hamachi. Everything from the 20in wheels to the panel gaps and even the acoustic foam-filled cavities deep in the body is designed to reduce noise entering the cabin. Just as well because the insides of the EQS530 look like a top-secret VR lab with its giant 56in Hyperscreen that spans the entire width of the dashboard. Made by Corning, the single-piece glass holds three individual screens that serve as the 12.3in digital instrument cluster, the primary 17.7in MBUX infotainment touchscreen and another 12.3in touchscreen for the passenger. Powered by an 8-core CPU and 24GB of memory, there is no lag or delay in exploring the vast depths of the menu system or navigation.

The Hyperscreen may have more wow factor than the Queen in stilettos, but it also comes across as a WIP, until all the screens fuse into one giant display itself. The passenger side screen replicates quite a lot of functionality of the main screen, seeming redundant for the most part. But it does come into its own by letting the passenger pair their own device and headphones to enjoy their own content, independent of another phone paired to the main screen. There are also games like Tetris, Sudoku, Shuffle Puck and Pairs available on both screens to kill time during traffic lights or if you’re just addicted to screens and opposed to conversations.

Digging deeper into the tech and you could easily turn this quick review into a white paper. There’s just an overwhelming amount of gadgetry on offer but the headline-grabbing ones are Head-up display, an Acoustic Vehicle alert system that alerts pedestrians that you’re arriving, 8 USB-C ports all around the cabin with wireless charging front and back and the latest MBUX infotainment system that supports next-gen Car-to-X tech, which is a way to send and receive signals between other Mercs on traffic and accident information.

Top-end Mercs of late have had phenomenal audio systems as part of their package. But while the S-Class has a mind-numbing 39 speakers, including exciters in the seat that ensure that you just don’t hear the bass but feel it too….the EQS has a more modest set-up with15 speakers and 710 watts of power. But, with clever positioning of the tweeters that face the window, the sensation of space, depth and clarity is breathtaking and easily holds its own against its posher sibling. As expected, you do get wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

If you’re driving an EV, range anxiety comes as standard..but not with the EQS580s massive range. Claimed ARAI test figures are upwards of 850kms! To further ease your nerves, it also comes with Predictive Route Planning that uses Artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand your commute and suggests the fastest route with charging stops along the way. It’s also intelligent enough to factor in any changes in driving style and traffic situations along the route…the EQS580 wants to take away all the guesswork out of EV driving.


On the road, the 523hp generated by twin motors drive all four wheels and the 855Nm of torque makes its presence felt even with the lightest tap of the right foot. The gathering of speed is scary in a car this expensive and low-slung, but help comes in the form of the air suspension that also can raise itself by 15mm. Not just that but you can even geotag every speed breaker along your daily commute so the EQS remembers it and raises it automatically the next time you encounter the Goliath! Tight turns around the city are made easy with a quick steering and rear-axle steering that turns the rear wheels up to 10 degrees in the opp direction as the front, for tightening the turning radius and enhance agility. Like most EVs, there is dollops of thrust that pins you to your seat and the EQS puts a smile on your face as rapidly as it reaches the ton. Regeneration is offered in various modes and in the strongest mode, you can engage in single-pedal driving for stop-go traffic conditions. It’s all managed in a typically S-Class manner, subtly and elegantly unlike other EVs that push your face towards the windscreen with their strong regenerative driving modes.

Things like the outside rearview mirrors that adjust to your gaze, the self-locking passenger side screen, the different profiles that let you log in via your voice, face or biometrics, active ambient lighting that changes direction to depict the flow of regen or charge…the EQS is more gadget than car. And yet, the ambience inside is perfectly judged between sci-fi themes and traditional textures that exude luxury. It really does feel like an electrified S-Class. Except on the rear seats where the legroom is ample but the short seat squab just can’t come close to the cosseting feeling you get in the big daddy.  

If you’re scratching your head in bewilderment, the exhaustive list of tricks mentioned above is not even scratching the surface! It’s a proper sense of occasion when you get into the EQS and drive away in it. The sensation is unique and felt through all your senses.


Is it as good as the S-Class? If you’re a purist, no car ever will replace the S, but the EQS is undoubtedly the template for the future and it is a fantastic starting point for luxury EVs. To sweeten the deal, Mercedes is even offering the EQS with the vital rear axle steering feature to the first 500 customers! Assembling it in India is a great matter of pride while making it lighter on the pocket compared to the petrol-powered S. That’s a strong case right there for the future of mobility!

Stuff Says

The jury is still out on whether it is the best EV car in the world, but the EQS is certainly the most gadget a car has ever been!
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Responsiveness throughout the MBUX system

  1. Massive power and massive range, finally!

  1. More tech than the Batmobile

  1. Passenger screen and games look gimmicky

  1. Rear seat not as comfortable as the S-class

  1. Looks not for everyone

Power: 523hp/855Nm
Acceleration: 0-100km/hr in 4.3secs
Battery: 107.8kWh
Wheels: 20in
Charging: up to 200kW DC supported
Range: 857kms (ARAI)