Mivi Fort S24 review

Sound barred

₹ 1,999

The soundbar market in India is oversaturated with prices ranging from as little as Rs. 2000 as is the case with this one, to a few lakhs, but that doesn’t stop Mivi from putting forward an entire range of these so-called mini soundbars. Well according to us, it seems to be a glorified Bluetooth speaker in a soundbar format. Before you judge me for being ‘too harsh’, we don't like it when companies market a product and call it something it isn’t just based on technicalities. If people are going to spend money on it, they need to know exactly what they’re paying for. So, let’s get into the technicalities of it.

Design and build

Technically, it is in the shape of a bar. When you look at it first, you would expect it to be far pricier than its asking price. There’s a beautifully designed gray fabric grille at the front with the Mivi logo sitting proud at the center and silver details on either end of the Fort S24. The matte finish further accentuates the design and feel and lends it a premium look. It’s a plastic build and while it isn’t the strongest we’ve tested, we can’t complain much considering the asking price.

There are basic function buttons that sit on top that allow you to change modes from Bluetooth to FM Radio, Play/Pause your music and change tracks. At the back, you get basic connectivity which includes a USB Type-C port for charging, USB Type-A, MicroSD slot, and a 3.5mm port.



Technically, it will connect to your telly via a 3.5mm audio cable should your telly support it. There’s no HDMI ARC here, but at this price, that’s a lot to ask. There’s Bluetooth 5.1 too, so it will connect to your PC or laptop as well and you can blurt out tunes via your smartphone too. It’s essentially everything that a regular Bluetooth speaker would do, just in the format of a bar.

The unit has dual 52mm drivers and dual passive radiators based on which the company promises that you don’t need a subwoofer and the unit is capable of powerful and rich bass. We hooked it up to our laptop and binged in some good old Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It’s a sure-shot improvement from the puny laptop audio for sure. Dialogues sound clear and amplified and the sound is what we’d expect from a Bluetooth speaker at this price.

When it comes to music, it leaves us wanting a bit more definition and clarity in the lower frequencies. While listening to Don’t Let Me Get Lonely, the enveloping of the mid-bass and the bass line was immediately apparent, leaving us wanting more.



So, technically it is a soundbar but not in the traditional sense that we associate the term with ie. a replacement for your telly’s sound. Sure, if you have a laptop or a tiny monitor without dedicated speakers and want an affordable fix, the S24 is a contender on that list, especially at such a low price. It will amplify whatever you’re playing and should satisfy the basic audio needs. Also, consider the 6-hour battery life and wireless functionality and we haven’t got much to complain about at this price.

Stuff Says

Great to amplify sound on a laptop or a monitor and the most affordable way to do so
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Affordability

  1. Slick design

  1. 6-hour battery life

  1. Audio could do with more definition

  1. Not a proper TV sound replacement unit

Speakers: 2
Driver: 52*2mm
Impedance: 2 O
Frequency Response: 50Hz ~ 20KHz
Audio Codec: AAC,SBC
Battery Life: 6 hours