Moto Buds+ review

Bose, these are good!

₹ 9,999

Motorola is joining hands with other brands like a kid at a birthday party. The duties of colour, camera and display calibration are left with Pantone, and now the audio chops are tuned by the masters of the craft - Bose. This is not the first time the brand has launched TWS but the initial attempts can be considered half-baked and lost in the crowd. The Moto Buds+ will not be lost in the crowd because firstly, there’s a massive ‘Sound By Bose’ logo slapped on the case and secondly, they sound exceptional. So good, that the segment champion, the Oppo Enco X2, could have a proper rival TWS after all.

Moto Buds+ review: Performance

Stephen Sanchez’s’ Evangeline is an expression of love and the Moto Buds+ bring the song’s soft melodies and Sanchez’s falsettos better than most in this price range. Most impressively the Moto Buds+ sound balanced and coherent at any volume.

Compared to the Oppo Enco X2, the Moto Buds+ sound relaxed and airy. However, while listening to Arrival of the Birds by The Cinematic Orchestra & The London Metropolitan Orchestra, the lows are not as tight as the Oppo. The Moto Buds+ are still very impressive, especially in the highs. These tackle highs with a finesse that’s not bright or fatiguing. The opening section in Djiin by Sahalé is a fine example of Moto Buds+ control and clarity.

Out of the box the Moto Buds+ are set to Bass Boost mode on the Moto Buds app, but you should stick to the Flat preset. Madman’s Eyes by Dave Matthews Band has clean delivery and presentation but don’t expect depth and texture in such instrument-heavy tracks. The Moto Buds+ don’t do anything wrong but rock music might sound a bit lacklustre.

Dolby Atmos on TWS in this range has always been unimpressive and it’s the same story with the Moto Buds+. Expanding the soundstage chips away the richness and detail in the songs and makes it sound unpleasant. It’s better to use Dolby Atmos with movies and TV shows only.

Moto Buds+ review: Moto Buds app

The Moto Buds+ sound surprisingly less impressive than the Oppo Enco X2, even though they sport practically the same driver setup (11mm driver + 6mm micro planar tweeter). The culprit seems to be the Moto Buds app on Android. Despite the hardware supporting the LHDC codec, it stubbornly insists on streaming via AAC. We tested it on a OnePlus Open, OnePlus 12, and even a Google Pixel, and all of them defaulted to AAC. Here's hoping a future firmware update unlocks the LHDC potential for all Android users.

While the app is clean and minimalistic, it lacks the granular control that makes a real difference. The equaliser offers zero frequency labels beneath the sliders, making manual adjustments a guessing game. On top of that, forget about single taps for controlling playback – everything requires double taps, triple taps, or tap-and-holds.

Apple device users aren't entirely left out, but they can't tinker with these settings since the Moto Buds app isn’t available on the App Store.

Moto Buds+ review: ANC, microphone, and battery life

The Moto Buds+ aren't messing around with noise cancellation. The triple-mic setup analyses ambient noise and shuts it down effectively. Office chatter, whirring fans, even some in-cabin car and traffic noise get the boot. Transparency mode is equally impressive, keeping things natural-sounding, even human voices.

Speaking of voices, the microphone on these buds is a champ. It rivals the clarity of the OG Apple AirPods Pro, preserving the depth and richness of your voice on calls. No tinny, robotic sound here.

Battery life is solid too. You can crank out up to 8 hours of playtime without ANC, and the charging case extends that to a total of 38 hours. A quick 10-minute charge gets you back in the game with 3 hours of listening time (with ANC off).

Moto Buds+ review: Build quality

The Moto Buds+ we reviewed came in a "Beach Sand" colourway that feels fantastic. It's got a grippy, textured finish that's reminiscent of sandstone, making the earpieces a pleasure to hold and use. Plus, the charging case is surprisingly compact compared to competitors, easily slipping into your pocket.

But these buds aren't just about looks – they're built for comfort. They're lightweight, which makes a big difference during extended listening sessions. On a long flight, we'd definitely reach for the Moto Buds+ over bulkier options like the Oppo or OnePlus buds.

Durability is another plus. The Moto Buds+ boast an IP54 water and dust resistance rating, so they can handle sweaty workouts and the occasional splash without breaking a sweat (or a tweeter).


The Moto Buds+ are a surprising delight. Bose's audio expertise shines through, delivering crisp, balanced sound that punches above its weight class. Vocals are clear and detailed, highs are handled with finesse, and ANC effectively quells unwanted noise. Plus, the Moto Buds+ are comfortable, lightweight, and boast impressive battery life.

However, a few stumbles prevent them from a knockout victory. The Moto Buds app feels unpolished, lacking features like customisable touch controls and a proper EQ. On the Android side, the LHDC codec seems to be missing in action despite hardware compatibility – hopefully, a future firmware update will address this.

If you prioritise clear, well-rounded audio for calls and music, and appreciate a comfortable design, the Moto Buds+ are a compelling choice. But audiophiles seeking in-depth control or those who favour rock music might want to keep looking. Ultimately, the Moto Buds+ are a solid option, but the software needs a patch to truly unleash its full potential.

Stuff Says

Easily one of the best buds, the Bose partnership brings fantastic audio and ANC quality
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Clean and balanced sound

  1. ANC is decent

  1. Mic call quality is top-notch

  1. Comfortable

  1. No firmware update for LHDC support

  1. Lows can be a bit muddy

  1. No iOS app support

Speakers: Dual dynamic drivers (11mm woofer + 6mm tweeter)
Microphones: 2 + ENC
Sound technology: Dolby Atmos, Dolby Head Tracking
Certifications: Hi-Res
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3
Battery Life (Earbuds): Up to 8 hours of playtime (ANC off)
Battery Life (Charging Case): Up to 38 hours of playtime
Active Noise Cancellation: Up to 46dB
ANC modes: Off, Transparency, Adaptive, Noise Cancellation
IP rating: IP57