OnePlus Nord Buds 2 review

Buds light ear

₹ 2,999

The second outing for the budget buds from OnePlus Nord claim to be an “out of this world” design, but after you’re done taking that statement with a grain of salt, it’s great news all the way. A new 12.4mm driver goes louder and digs deeper along with the BassWave Enhancement tech that does a surprisingly good job of adding weight and heft to the low-frequencies without muddying up the mid-bass.

The stalk-mounted controls work for basic functionality and even the ANC is worthy of making a mention as it quietens up the chatter in the office space really well. It won’t keep up with a Boeing 777’s engine roar, but it helps focus better for indoor use. The sound is said to be Dirac Audio tuned and is Dolby Atmos compatible, but these are marketing terms aimed at filling up the online brochure. What really sets it apart is the actual tonality, which is hugely impressive, especially given its price point. Whether it’s R&B or rock, the Nord Buds 2 presents the music with verve and clarity that makes you want to push the volume up. They are entertaining for sure, and that is exactly what the consumers are looking for in this segment.

Battery life is an acceptable 5 hours with more than 25 hours available with the case. There’s even an IP55 rating if you find yourself on construction sites more than you like.

Stuff Says

Not the most potent ANC but if you want musicality on a budget, the Nord Buds 2 deliver in spades.