Oppo Enco M32 review

Running on a budget

₹ 1,799

Ever dropped a TWS bud in a crowded place? No? Well, then you’re not aware of the anxiety caused by losing or dropping a TWS earbud. It’s the reason why I personally love neckband headphones when I am pushed for an activity outside my house. Neckbands are simply a foolproof way of keeping the cables to a minimum and the fear of losing an earbud at bay.

Design: Basics

The Enco M32 is in a basic neckband shape. There’s nothing new or fancy happening here. Although, it is really hard to tell the left and right sides apart. I almost always wore the thing the wrong way. It’s like the USB problem, where no matter what you do it’s always wrong the first time. Once you get the hang of it. It’s easier to tell the sides by spotting the controls on the right side of the neckband. 

The controls are also a minimum. There’s a flimsy plastic bar that lets you control volume and playback. You can also summon the AI voice assistance by triple pressing the centre button. There’s a USB Type-C to charge the thing and Oppo says you can squeeze a 20-hour listening time from just a 10-min charge.  Did we get similar results? Pretty much. The battery life itself is phenomenal. The claimed 28-hour battery life is not a joke. It really lasts long between charges.

Audio: On the low

The Oppo Enco M32 has a Bass chamber that really makes everything sound extremely bassy. If you’re the type to enjoy a bit of bass in everything then the M32 will feel right at home. I Get No Joy by Jade Bird sounds exactly how we expected. It’s way too bassy for Jade’s gravelly voice. The country-esque guitar gets completely shushed by the bassy drums.

We played some afrobeat and the extra bass from the M32 helped deliver that rhythmic flow in Corny by Rema. It’s not the undesirable sort of bass either. It’s more nuanced for the price and with minimal distortion. It’s only a matter of enjoying the M32’s warm sound signature. On the Low by Burna Boy is also fun on the M32. The percussion set is not detailed but it’s toe-tapping and fun to listen to for the price.


Don’t expect to find a detailed and clean sound on the Enco M32. It’s tuned to sound bassy and the warm sound signature might be a bit too coloured for many. Although, it’s quite inexpensive and comes with great battery life and IP55 water and dust resistance.

The minimal latency is great for watching YouTube and Netflix as well. The only problem we have with the Oppo Enco M32 is that it turns off only when you snap the two earbuds in place. The magnets are strong but if you throw the thing into your bag and the magnets get undone, your phone will automatically connect to the neckband. It doesn’t turn off otherwise. It’s great if you never want to be without your headphones but an option to turn it off would’ve been great.


Stuff Says

It’s inexpensive and reliable but too bassy for our ears.
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Cheap as a dinner for two

  1. Magnets to turn off

  1. Great battery life

  1. Fast charging

  1. Best for workouts

  1. Very bass heavy

  1. No way to permanently turn off

Frequency response range: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Microphone sensitivity: -38dBV/Pa
Bluetooth codec: AAC/SBC
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth effective distance: 10m
Battery: 220mAh (neckband)
Waterproof: IP55