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Philips SpeedPro Aqua Review

₹ 35,999

A mop on a vacuum cleaner raises as many eyebrows as Spiderman in Gotham City. They just aren’t meant to work together, right? Philips is attempting to prove you and us wrong. Sucking up anything more than dry dirt has been every vacuum cleaner’s Kryptonite since the beginning of well, vacuum cleaners. So, Philips decided to take another long, hard look at this weakness and offer the antidote. The SpeedPro Aqua as the name suggests, uses a 300ml water tank that can dispense water via a mop-based cleaner head so it wipes the floor before it can lure the dust up in its 0.4L belly.



Suction power is adequate, but not class-leading. It does manage to pick up fine dust from rugs and carpets, but you do have to use turbo mode more often than not. On deep pile carpets, the cleaner head sometimes trails larger dirt ahead of it instead of sucking it up. It is just a hardware design issue though, just like the noise levels, which are considerably higher than the competition and could use more sound deadening material inside the motor chamber and better aerodynamics probably. On hard floors though, it does a good enough job of leaving a clean trail behind it, thanks to the 180-degree coverage with the motorized SpeedPro nozzle.

Cleaning the transparent bin isn’t a totally hands-off affair since it doesn’t drop open from the bottom. You have to manually pull it up and out from the main assembly and empty the contents. It’s not the worst thing to have happened since the pandemic, but it’s also not the smartest way to tackle hairballs entangled in fine dirt.


Not the lightest, quietest nor the most agile, the SpeedPro Aqua’s strength is its 50-minute run time in normal mode and its ability to manage daily mopping, albeit casual. For a single person living in the city alone, the Philips SpeedPro Aqua could just be the quick clean-up job they need on a daily basis.

Stuff Says

Great all-rounder for everyday purposes but needs more power. And less noise.
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Simple operation and attachments

  1. Long run battery life

  1. Relatively affordable

  1. Noisy, especially in turbo mode

  1. Can do with more suction power on deep pile carpets

  1. Dust handling not hands free

Dust capacity: 0.4L
Charging time: 5 hours
Run time: 50 mins / 22 mins (turbo)
Weight: 2.1kg