Sony Float Run review

Cling on while I run

₹ 10,990

Sony has been experimenting with their headphones quite a lot, especially the TWS offerings, with design innovations such as ring-type drivers. The Float Run is another unique product, this time, aimed at runners, athletes and anyone who needs a headphone that stays in place even while on a run.


The Float Run has essentially a neckband design, but unlike most neckbands, it has a firmer, yet flexible band wrapped around your neck. The earpiece has an off-ear design, which means that it stays just outside your ear canal. The thick ear hook anchors firmly around the outer ear without causing any discomfort. The flexible design further aids in ensuring a comfortable fit. The right ear hook houses the USB Type-C charging port and control buttons, which include power/pairing button and volume control buttons.


A decisive feature in Sony’s earbuds and headphones is the Sony Headphones app, which acts as a control central for all Sony headphones. But the Float Run doesn’t get any app support and hence acts like a simple Bluetooth-connected headphone. It doesn’t feature noise cancellation, thanks to its design. This is not quite a negative, considering the customer it is aimed at. After all, you don’t want to miss those vehicle horns while running. The Float Run uses 16mm drivers that offer natural and wide-ranging sound. 

Weighing 33g, the device is lightweight and offers IPX4 splash resistance. It supports SBC and AAC formats.


The Sony Float Run does the job well in quiet environments. Hence if you are an athlete or a runner who trains in a quiet neighbourhood, you can enjoy your music simultaneously with your workout. The device is quite comfortable to wear all day and you won’t feel its presence except for the sound it reproduces. However, if you are looking for a headphone that would allow you to listen to music or OTT content while commuting to work or on a flight, you will be disappointed with this device since it doesn’t block any environmental noise. Sound quality is brilliant in quiet rooms. Sony claims 10 hours battery life on a full charge, but we found this to be much less, though we were unable to determine the exact battery life during the short review period.


The Sony Float Run is not your ordinary do-it-all headphone, and hence it occupies a very focussed niche. Most athletes are also regular commuters, and so we do not see many hooking to this device unless they have serious problems with ear pressure due to noise cancellation. But if you are specifically looking for a headphone for your morning walks, runs, or workouts in a comparatively quiet environment, the Float Run is a great option. The best feature of this headphone is that it clings to your ears even in the middle of a rigorous training routine.

Stuff Says

A good headphone for athletes and runners while working out, but with limited utility for other occasions.
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Firm attachment

  1. Flexible fit

  1. Comfortable to wear

  1. Sound quality

  1. No app support