Stuff Awards 2023: Monitor of the Year

Curving in

Best Monitor of the Year 2023: Samsung Galaxy G8 OLED

This monitor is a real temptation for gaming enthusiasts, especially the serious (ahem, affluent) gamers out there. With games moving towards HDR as a norm, the deep blacks on an OLED display have become a must-have. This 34-inch curved gaming monitor goes beyond the usual OLED setup – it’s actually a QD-OLED monitor. Covering 99% DCI colour gamut, it ensures accurate colours and satisfying deep blacks. Super speedy with a 0.1ms response time, the 3440x1440 resolution keeps things sharp without feeling pixel-starved. Samsung has virtually packed its flagship TV tech into this 34-inch monitor, even squeezing in the Neo Quantum Processor.



● BenQ Zowie XL2566K ● OnePlus Monitor X 27