Stuff Awards 2023: Game of the Year

Tears of the competition

Best Game of the Year 2023: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Following up a stone-cold classic like Breath of the Wild must have posed quite the challenge for Nintendo. But rather than taking the simpler option of delivering more of the same, the developers embraced chaos and creativity. And kudos to them for doing so, because Tears of the Kingdom feels genuinely fresh. It’s an epic open-world adventure that challenges its players to think outside the box at every turn. By giving Link the ability to manipulate, move and combine objects, the game allows the player to feel like both inventor and storyteller, rather than a mere participant, making TotK yet another irresistible reason to buy a Switch.


Street Fighter 6 ● Baldur’s Gate 3 ● Resident Evil 4 ● Marvel’s Spider-Man 2