Stuff Awards 2023: Gaming Laptop of the Year

Budget bully

Best Gaming Laptop of the Year 2023: Lenevo LOQ Laptop

The LOQ range from Lenovo is the budget sibling of the Legion series but that’s not enough to get in our good books. This here strikes the right balance between price and performance with little doubt left to pick another rival gaming laptop. It’s also got meaningful features like fast charging that juices the thing up to 80% in just under an hour. Throw in the extra dosh for better computing chops and you will get a 2K display that keeps up with the demanding titles and looks prettier than FullHD. It’s also taking the Legion’s learnings and using them well. From the design that pushes the ports to the rear for a cleaner look to the Lenovo Vantage software which lets you overclock the GPU and get a better LOQ at your games... eh.


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