Google Bard now goes by the name of ‘Gemini’

Renamed and refashioned!

Google's AI chatbot Bard is getting a fresh makeover with a brand-new name – Gemini. Gemini will have its very own dedicated app for Android users, while iOS users will  have to access it through the Google app.

Google is upping the ante with a fancy-schmancy paid tier called 'Gemini Advanced.' This tier unlocks access to the Gemini Ultra 1.0 model, (supposedly) turbocharged for all sorts of mind-bending tasks like reasoning, coding, and even creative brainstorming.

Gemini Advanced is said to be more than your average AI assistant – Google says its built for tackling complex tasks and meaningful conversations. According to Google, Gemini Advanced goes the extra mile by analysing chat history to truly understand the context, paving the way for longer and more detailed exchanges. Google also describes Gemini as a fresh take on assistants, harnessing the power of generative AI to team up with users and boost productivity on Android devices.

Android users are in for a treat with Gemini integrated into Google Assistant for a familiar experience – press the power button or say "Hey Google" to get started. Google says that many of our favourite Google Assistant voice features will also be available through the Gemini app. Yes you can set timers, make calls, control smart home devices, all with few taps!

As for our iOS pals, Gemini is right at home within the Google app. Just toggle the Gemini feature within the app, and you're ready to tap into the AI chatbot for some much-needed assistance. Easy peasy!

How to access Gemini AI?

Access to Gemini AI comes with various options to suit different preferences. For those seeking advanced features, there's the Premium Plan, offering Gemini's "Advanced" version as part of a Google One AI Premium subscription, priced at ₹1950 per month. Alongside Gemini, this plan also offers other benefits like 2TB of cloud storage and access to Google's AI editing tools. Plus, Google has also promised imminent integration of Gemini into Gmail, Docs, and more for Premium Plan users.

Alternatively, the free version is available at Log in with your Google account to get started. This free version has taken over from the Bard chatbot, with even attempts to access Bard redirecting you to the Gemini chatbot.