MWC: HMD original phones to boost repairability

Barbie Flip Phone coming soon

Human Mobile Devices (HMD), known for keeping the Nokia brand alive, has announced new HMD original devices and revealed plans to launch more affordable and repairable phones. The brand also announced that a new Barbie Flip Phone will arrive later in 2024.

The brand spokesperson shared their commitment to sustainability and to bring phones that

last longer with the expectation to make half of the globally sold HMD smartphones repairable. HMD also released the first version of a toolkit for developers and businesses with design files and information on software integration, which is now made available on the brand website.

The company also shared its commitment to continue Nokia phones and hinted at bringing back another iconic phone this summer. Speaking about its association with Mattel and Barbie, the brand shared a glimpse of the new Barbie Flip Phone that is scheduled to arrive this summer.