Samsung Bespoke Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub can identify food items and suggest recipes

Refrigerator with a cam inside and a screen outside!

As sceptics debate the possible pitfalls of AI, Samsung has stepped into the spotlight with an AI-powered refrigerator that's not just smart but also very futuristic and (quite literally) insightful! This Samsung Bespoke AI refrigerator can actually identify different food items thanks to its AI vision.

But here's where it gets really cool, not only can it tell you what's inside, but it can also suggest recipes based on your food inventory. The refrigerator is equipped with AI vision and can currently identify 33 different food items. Samsung has hinted that this number will increase over time, adapting to your storage habits. The refrigerator also has a screen on which you can stream music and videos, access recipes or share pictures.

The smart food management system in Samsung's AI-powered refrigerator also alerts you when a specific item is about to expire. Plus, with an enhanced single camera that offers a wider view in various lighting conditions, you'll have a clear "View Inside" the fridge, including the door bins, from anywhere and at any time.