5th-gen Range Rover debuts in India

Mixing mud with Martinis

Standing still, the all-new Range Rover almost looks like a clay model of the actual car instead of the actual car. We mean that as the finest possible compliment, in case you’re wondering. The lack of any fuss in the design, the precision craftsmanship of the bodywork, the artful evolution of an icon…this new long-wheelbase Autobiography variant is the epitome of long-distance commuting. Or just commuting, if you’re used to signing eight-figure cheques on a regular basis. The laser welded roof, the beautifully engineered waist finisher that hides all the ugly rubber sealing material, the flush door handles, the blacked-out tail lights and 1.2 million micromirrors in the headlights…there’s a lot of tech slapped on even before you get in. Once you do, the grown-up Pivi Pro infotainment system now resides in a curved 13in display and shows all sorts of off-road data, in case you put the half-metre wheel articulation to the test. 

On-road or off, the Range Rover is built to cut off its occupants from the outside elements. So while the body construction itself has yielded a 24% quieter cabin, it’s the active noise cancellation system inside the cabin that’ll put modern headphones to shame. The Merdian Signature Sound system comprises of 35 speakers and 1600W, which includes micro speakers within each headrest that actively cancel out the noise that would otherwise ‘kill your vibe.’

Off-road prowess while sipping on chilled Chardonnay still seems to be the big Rover’s thing. So you get a massive 300mm of ground clearance that can be raised further for tackling the rough stuff, like Andheri. Aids like the ClearSight rear-view mirror use high-mounted cameras to give you a clear view of what’s creeping up on you too. Four-wheel steering tightens up the turning circle to hatchback levels so now you have no excuse for holding out on one. Starting at Rs. 2.38cr for the 3.0L diesel SE and swelling up to Rs. 3.51cr for the 4.4L V8 petrol LWB First Edition , the new Range Rover is all about choice. You can choose from three different engine options, four different trim variants and even between a 4, 5 or 7 seat option in the long-wheelbase form! The optional equipment list is long and fearsome in its dearness, but if you’re a Range Rover kinda person, what’s a little bump in the price tag!