An Everyday Story demo is set to unveil at Steam Next Fest on June 19th

The everyday plot thickens

For those of you feeling like you are living in the desert it may be because Cactus Production is about to bring the heat at the Steam Next Fest! They're bringing us a shiny new demo for their game "An Everyday Story,". Get ready for a wild ride through the memories of a man who's seen it all!

In this 2.5D Horizontal Story-Driven Platformer, you'll be strutting your stuff with three adorable trinkets that hold this dude's most cherished memories. Picture this: toys that have grappling hooks, suckers, parachutes, and even lighters! It's like a twisted mix of Indiana Jones and Toy Story.

But hold your horses, there's more! Meet the Bat Origami, a little guy with mad skills in gliding and double jumping. He's so thin, he can slide under doors like a sneaky ninja. And then there's the Wood Ship, the slowpoke of the bunch but he can sail on water, smash through stuff like a wrecking ball, and even tinker with levers. Talk about being handy!

So get ready to dive headfirst into the melancholic, nostalgic world of "An Everyday Story," where life's ups and downs are as tangible as those precious childhood memories. It's time to sail, glide, and swing your way through this fantastical adventure like a boss. Don't miss out on the action when the demo drops on June 19th at the Steam Next Fest. Let the gaming madness begin!

Take a sneak peak into the game-