Binge Guide: 10 upcoming shows and films to stream in September

Our top OTT picks to keep you entertained all month

With a bunch of holidays headed your way, it's time to catch up on all the latest films and TV shows. Before you venture into the suggested section of your OTT platform, only to get stuck for hours on what to pick, take a look at our compiled list.

Here are our top picks of new films and shows, ranging from inspirational stories, orcs and talking cars to horrifying thrillers and tell-all documentaries (and the struggle of our favourite Bollywood wives, of course!). We’ve got it all, no matter your taste. So take your pick from the latest films and TV shows, across popular OTT streaming platforms to keep you entertained in through this month.


Fabulous lives of Bollywood Wives (September 2)

You may have to leave your noggin at the door for this one. The success of the first drama-filled season has blessed audiences with another round of entertainment fuelled by the ‘real’ and fabulous lives of four fun-loving women of Bollywood's inner circle. Prepare for banter, bonding and cattiness as these women take on the hardships and struggles of everyday life in high society.

Broad Peak (September 14)

This thrilling adventure fuelled journey depicts the story of legendary Polish mountaineer Maciej Berbeka, based on the true events of his life. 25 years after climbing Broad Peak mountain, he learns his journey to the summit was incomplete so he sets out once again to finish what he once started. An inspirational, gritty story which will leave you mesmerised.

Athena (September 23)

A poignant portrayal of brotherhood and familial violence born of religious rebellion, the film portrays the tragic story of three siblings whose lives take a drastic turn after the youngest brother dies in the midst of an alleged fight with the police. This leads to one of the brothers being called back from the front lines to ease off his younger brother Karim's desire for vengeance and his older brother Moktar's illicit activities.

Prime Video

Rings of Power (September 2)

This billion-dollar production is out to captivate the masses as its predecessors once did. Set thousands of years before the events of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, we journey back to Middle-Earth once more. We will return to an era to see great powers being forged, the rise and fall of kingdoms and watch as unlikely heroes are tested while facing the greatest villain Tolkien ever created. The ensemble will bring familiar characters alongside newer faces, as they face the evils Middle-Earth has to offer. So prepared to be glued to the screen, as you were the first time around. It's time to add to the never-ending marathon content Tolkien has given us in the past!

Flight/Risk (September 9)

This documentary tells the gut-wrenching tale of the people who found themselves smack in the middle of a global tragedy as two Boeing 737 Max planes crashed a mere five months apart in 2018 and 2019. Filmed from the perspectives of affected family members, their legal teams and whistleblowers, we witness the truth and consequences of these disasters being brought to the limelight.

Disney+ Hotstar

Cuttputli (September 2)

This crime-thriller is the story of a small town policeman (in typical Akshay Kumar fashion) who sets out to catch the serial killer who is preying on young girls of Kasauli. Intrigued by the patterns and psychology of the murders, he sets out on a thrilling ride to find the brain behind these abominable crimes. 

Cars on the Road (September 8)

Prepare for another blast from the past as everyone's favourite animated car Lightning McQueen makes a reappearance and this time he has set out on a road trip with his best mate, Mater. Well, yes road trip is a bit of a redundant statement here but watch along as they travel across the United States to attend a wedding. Expect the usual shenanigans from these two important members of our youth, but this time in the form of a TV show.

Apple TV+

Sidney (September 23)

Produced by the one and only Oprah Winfrey and directed by Reginald Hudlin, this tell-all documentary honours the life, contributions and legendary of Sidney Poitier. Not only was he an inspiring actor, filmmaker and activist, but he was also at the centre of Hollywood and the Civil Rights Movement. This touching tribute will depict the struggles and successes of this instrumental man’s life.


Vikrant Rona (September 2)

Set 50 years ago in the remote village of Kamorottu, placed in the middle of a tropical rainforest. This tale comes with a touch of the supernatural when the people of the village start witnessing a series of unexplainable events. Kicking off with the murder of a police officer, followed by the serial killing of a few children, Vikrant Rona is assigned to solve these mysterious deaths. Watch to find out if he can single-handedly take on the terrifying cause behind these crimes.

Discovery Plus

House of Hammer (September 2)

This documentary spans five generations of the Hammer family men who have enough secrets and scandals to put the Desperate Housewives to shame. Armie Hammer's alleged crimes are under scrutiny and are evidently only the tip of the iceberg. This investigative documentary digs through the archives to unveil the twisted and dark family secrets that this dysfunctional dynasty has covered up with their riches and powers.