Binge Guide: Top shows and films to stream this weekend

Our top OTT picks to embrace the weekend spirit

The weekend is here and you know what that means… It’s time for our top pick of content across several genres and platforms to keep you busy all weekend (even if your friends ditch your plans). This week’s guide has a dose of local content with a sprinkle of Christmas spirit! So find your comfiest spot on the couch and get to it!


This is the thrilling tale of a migrant steamship that sets out to the west to leave the old continent. Aboard the ship are passengers from varying European origins with their hearts set on finding new hopes and dreams on foreign land, at the turn of the century. But their journey is set awry when they discover another migrant ship adrift on the open sea. What awaits them on board will turn their passage to the promised land into a horrifying nightmare.


This Telugu remake of Mohanlal's Lucifer stars Salman Khan and Chiranjeevi. Making its OTT debut, the film revolves around the power struggle in a political party following the death of the state's Chief Minister. The political drama sees the CM's daughter (Nayanthara) uninterested in the power play while her husband is at the heart of a power grab. Watch along as Brahma, the trusted right-hand man of the fallen stalwart is plunged into murky affairs as he attempts to keep the greedy sharks at bay. 

Disney Hotstar+

Govinda Naam Mera

This star-studded blockbuster is set to grace the OTT platform in a hurry. The tale of a very charming Govinda Waghmare who juggles his time and love between his wife Mrs Waghmare and his girlfriend. Promising a hefty dose of chaos, confusion, and laughter, Karan Johar’s production will see Vicky Kaushal take the lead. So prepare for some brainless enjoyment and chaos!

Apple TV+


This Musical-comedy sets out to leave you in the festive mood, featuring the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer in this adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic holiday story ‘A Christmas Carol’. Prepare for some classic, wholesome family-friendly fun.


This film starring none other than ex-Oscar winner (and slapper) Will Smith is a serious tale tackling an intense storyline inspired by the 1863 photos of ‘Whipped Peter’. It is the narration of the triumphant story of Peter Smith, a man who escapes from slavery, relying on his wits, unwavering faith and deep love for his family to evade cold-blooded hunters and the unforgiving swamps of Louisiana on his quest for freedom.


Tanaav S1 

Set in Kashmir in 2017, Tanaav is the gripping tale of a Special Covert Ops Unit, their struggles, bravery and courage. Portraying the complex, conflicting emotions of flawed humans, the central theme of love, loss, betrayal and revenge emerges despite the circumstances.

Lionsgate Play

The Twelve

Up for a courtroom drama? This might be for you. The Twelve is the story which smashes the facade of the anonymity of jury duty. Bringing together twelve ordinary people and their personal histories, the series follows the story of Kate Lawson. She is on trial for the alleged murder of her niece. Watch as the twelve jurors bring their personal lives and prejudices to the courtroom exposing their fractured dreams, shameful secrets, hope, fears and personal trauma.