Christmas gifts guide: Top 5 last-minute gifts

Nothing says happy holidays like forgetting to buy presents…

Most of us like to believe we are great gifters but let’s be honest Christmas is a week away and most of us are still aimlessly scrolling through shopping websites trying to find the perfect gift. Well, for all your geek and not-so-geeky friends, we have compiled a list of a few things you can get your loved ones at the last minute to make them happy and protect your reputation.

1) All-New Kindle (₹9,999)

Being a bookworm has never been easier. Make your fanfic-obsessed friends happy with the all-new kindle that brings a lot to desire. The improved 6in screen offers 300 PPI high-resolution with a glare-free display. The USB-C charging port will solve the great charger disputes of 2022. But, you won’t need to juice it up too often, with that six-week battery life.

2) Seagate Hard Drive (₹6,999)

Speaking of fans, few go harder than Star Wars fans and thanks to Seagate, you can now have all your storage needs met, on a collectable 2TB HDD with Han Solo or Vader’s face on it. If you’re in the mood for Spidey or PlayStation hits, there’s a collection of special edition drives too.

3) Just Dance 2023 (from ₹3,499)

It’s Christmas and most people tend to be infected by the spirit of song and dance. Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2023 will keep your loved ones dancing away without you having to be dragged to parties. So, it’s really a matter of your peace of mind and saving a whole lot of embarrassment by keeping your brilliant moves contained within the walls of your home!

4) Philips Smart Lamps (₹5,900)

Christmas is incomplete without some cute lights to adorn your tables and shelves. Philips Smart LED Squire and Philips Smart LED Hero are the latest additions to the Brand’s smart Wi-Fi lighting range, perfect for every tree side. Easy to control remotely through the app and beautiful to look at. What more do you need?

5) Music Subscriptions (from ₹100)

For all those noobs who still aren’t using Spotify and are complaining about not getting their year ‘Wrapped’, do them a favour and put them onto Spotify Premium asap. After all, there is no greater expression of love than saving someone from the never-ending ads of Spotify. You can get them an e-gift card from here

If Spotify isn’t their cup of tea and they are one of those die-hard Apple Music stans who just need the Apple Music Sing feature to sharpen their karaoke skills, don’t worry you can gift them an Apple Music subscription too. Just click here.