Diwali Gift Guide 2022: 12 gift ideas for camera nerds

Oh snap, here’s the money shot

The world still needs cameras – how else can people take pictures of their phones? – so here are ideas for photographers and videographers. And, we assure you any one of these products as a Diwali gift could light your loved one's face like a 1000w bulb or a million fairy lights put up around Diwali.

1) DJI Action 2 (₹27,990)

If you are looking for a Diwali gift for someone who likes to remain in action and also record it while being immersed in it the card soirées and festive indulgence in lip-smacking Diwali delicacies – the DJI Action 2 can be a great option (yes, this action camera is not GoPro.) The DJI camera we’re talking about has a dinky cubelike main unit weighing just 57g, it has a highly adaptive design and rocksteady 2.0 stabilization. It can record 4K at 120 in 16:9 or 4K at 60 in the 4:3 aspect ratio. With this camera you’ll get a magnetic lanyard, a magnetic ball-joint adapter mount with a sticky base and a magnetic adapter mount.  It’s almost one-third the weight of the GoPro Hero10 Black. The DJI Action 2 (56g) has a perfect size and weight for mounting on drones. You cannot charge the camera module without the Front Touchscreen module, and neither can you add additional storage without it. The magnets also have a clip with quick release to hook onto the modules and mounts. So it uses magnets and hooks to stay in place.

2) Instax Mini 11 Gift box (₹5799)

Diwali is all about celebration – a lot of dressing up and wolfing down a lot of food. This gift box is perfect for those who like to do all this, capture the moments and stay surrounded by them. How? This gift box comes with a portable polaroid with a selfie mode and auto exposure, and customisable photo buntings and an album. So, you can instantly get a picture and also put it up without worrying about clips, strings or frames. Cool, isn’t it?

3) GoPro Hero 11 Black ( ₹50,999)

You can send this action camera to hell and it will come back, not just that it will also bring some real hell-fire shots, that’s the beauty of GoPro and the Hero11 is a notch swankier. It comes with a larger than before 27MP sensor and HyperView. Diwali or no Diwali, this camera can be your bff.

4) Insta360 X3 (₹44,990)

Human eyes are not capable of a 360° view but with Insta X3 allin-one 360 camera you can capture all sorts of activities in a spherical fashion. This camera has a 5.7K/30fps maximum quality, with 4K/60fps and gets new sensors too. So, this Diwali, keep an eye on what people are doing infront of you as well as behind your back (WINK, WINK)

5) DJI Avata (₹1,02,900)

The latest flying machine from the dominant drone maker, the DJI Avata is smaller, lighter and safer than its predecessor. It comes with propeller guards and 18 minutes of flight time. So, if someone close to you loves to remain informed about what's happening in the neighbourhood, he can definitely paint the city red with this first-person-view (FPV) drone. Just get permission first.

6) Adobe Creative Cloud (₹2300)

Run out of wrapping paper for Diwali gifts? For a gift that needs no ribbon, add an Adobe Creative Cloud package to their editing workflow. The Photography sub includes Lightroom and Photoshop, plus cloud storage.

7) Wrapcart Camera Skin (₹800)

Monotony has the potential to kill the creativity in you. Imagine what can happen to a photographer if hit by monotony. Want to save the situation? Give your photo buff friends new clothes for their gear. After all, our gears too deserve some good ol’ presents this Diwali.

8) Carl Zeiss Cleaning Kit (₹2450)

This Diwali don't just clean your home, clean the camera too! The Zeiss cleaning kit may help you in your camera and lens cleaning spree. It  includes a dust blower, a lens brush, a lens cleaning solution, a microfiber cloth and a branded pouch to keep it all safe. A clean lens will capture a clean shot.

9) MLexar FExpress Type-B Card (₹16000)

Click a million pictures this Diwali. And, what's the use of clicking pictures if you can’t keep’em, right? The Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B Card is fast and is capable of 1000MB/s write speeds for professionals to capture smooth 8K RAW video.

10) Canon EOS R5 X Transformers ($150)

This Canon camera is a robot and just what you need to make nerds happy this Diwali. In an unlikely collab, Transformers and Cano have dropped a highly-articulated Optimus Prime, the brand has partnered with Takara Tomy to create a range of mirrorless cameras that deceptively look like cameras but can transform and save planet Earth...

11) Nikon Z30 (₹56,000 approx)

Aimed at newage vloggers. It comes with an easy user interface and dedicated focus modes, long video recording time, and quality in low lighting. Very handy for the folks who love to speak to the camera and you won't need to break the bank.

12) Think Tank Airport Commuter Bag (₹17,990 )

For an undaunted lensman, one of the most important things is a proper backpack with designated space, and this bag fits well into the description. It’s spacious and has solid protection. It has a Durable water-repellent (DWR) and Polyurethane coating, plus abrasion-resistant zippers. The inside of the bag is made of 210D silver-toned nylon and have clear mesh pockets.