Diwali Gift Guide 2022: 12 gifts that showcase your extreme generosity

Because grand gestures require grander price tags!

If you are incapable of expressing love in the normal way and rely on gestures of reckless expenditure to show your loved ones how you truly feel, this list is just for you! Here is compiled all the products that will beg the question “How much?!!”. So browse through and find the perfect gift for your buddies! Hey, if only all our friends were like you…

1) B&O Beosound Level (₹1,40,000)

Nobody does luxury quite like Bang & Olufsen, and nothing says luxury quite like a speaker that looks a bit like a gold radiator. The Beosound Level is battery-powered, but unless you’re taking it for a week away on your private yacht its Wi-Fi connectivity and relatively chunky build mean it’s happier in one of the many rooms of your palace than out on the road. Whether the Level is flat on its back or stood up, the five drivers and four amps inside mean its sonic performance should easily live up to its price tag, automatically adjusting how it sounds to suit the acoustics of your lounge, kitchen or orangery.

2) Netgear Meural Canvas II (₹1,09,999)

Digital photo frames feel a bit 2008 these days, but there’s still something slightly sci-fi about Netgear’s Meural Canvas II. Available in 21.5in and 27in sizes with a choice of frame colours, it allows you to display your own terrible photos on the 1080p anti-glare display or sign up for a membership that lets you pick from over 30,000 works of art.

3) Master & Dynamic MG20 (₹47,653)

Gamers aren’t known for getting dressed up to frag… but while the MG20 is hardly a top hat and tails, it certainly makes other gaming headsets look low-rent. It’s got 50mm drivers and supports 7.1 surround sound.

4) Qubit X1 (₹52,490)

Millions of bikes will be unwrapped as Diwali gifts this year (some of us are gonna need them more after all the sweets), but not many of them will be as fancy as the folding X1, with an electric range of up to 35km and a charge time of 3 hours.

5) Ooni Karu 12 (₹29,699)

The festival of lights demands you cook your Pizza under a live fire, the way it is meant to – and the Ooni Koda helps you do exactly that. Whether you want to roast, smoke, steam or bake your festive meal, the Koda has you covered – especially if you choose the dual-fuel version (₨71,999), which adds a gas burner to the wood-fired party. Don’t forget the tandoori sauce! 

6) Leica M10-R (₹6,56,780)

You could hire a pro photographer on a retainer for the same cost as Leica’s M10-R; but if you’re shopping for a shutterbug, this new version of the classic rangefinder, with a 40MP full-frame sensor, is sure to go down a treat.

7) Coravin Sparkling (₹60,147)

Luxurious days begin with a nice glass of fizz, but finish the bottle before noon and things start to look unproductive. This stopper lets you charge that bottle with CO2 (extra capsules cost more) and keep it bubbly for a month.

8) Loewe Bild I (₹4,83,900)

It’s hard to make one big rectangle more luxurious than another, but Loewe has been managing it for decades. Its latest has a 4K OLED panel with full HDR support and Dolby Atmos, in a chassis that won’t make people think you’ve gone all common.

9) Courant Catch 3 tray (₹30,169)

Still, plugging your tech in to charge it? What do you think it is, 2011? Now, you could re-up your gadgets with a plastic puck, but why would you do that when this leather charging tray is an option?

10) Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker (₹2,55,000)

Louis Vuitton isn’t exactly a big name in hi-fi; but if the Parisian fashion house thinks portable speakers should look like a cross between a spinning top and a UFO, who are we to argue? With Bluetooth and AirPlay 2, a 3in subwoofer, two 0.75in tweeters and 35 LEDs to enhance the alien vibe, it’s not just the price that people will want to talk about.

11) Smeg BCC02 (₹89,999)

True luxury for coffee lovers would involve finding a personal barista under the tree, but Smeg’s first bean-to-cup machine is a close second. It’ll brew all types, with a steam wand for frothing the milk, and takes up much less space than a barista.

12) Focal Clear MG (₹1,29,999)

Looking for the headphone equivalent of a Rolls-Royce Phantom? These open-backed focals might not be able to carry your Diwali shopping back home, but you’ll struggle to find a pair that are quite as comfortable and well-built.