Diwali Gift Guide 2023: 12 gifts for the Fitness Freak

Opening a gift always brings joy

If you can manage to convince them to pause their perpetual running-in-place routine for just a moment, the surprises waiting in these presents are bound to delight them in every way. These gifts have been chosen to strike a chord, meet a need, or simply bring a radiant smile to your loved ones’ faces.

1) Under Armour Hovr Summit Fat Tire Delta (₹19,999)

Dashing through life is difficult if you’re slipping about like Bambi. Be more Blitzen with these grippy kicks: inspired by bike tyres, the Michelin sole features traction lugs for maximum purchase. Ripstop fabric protects your trotters, bungee laces blend stability with adjustability, and HOVR cushioning puts a spring in your winter step.

2) Bookman Monocle (₹3069)

No, it’s not an actual monocle. This running headlamp has a lightweight build for bounce-free bounding, while stepless adjustment lets you target the beam to suit your stride. It’ll run for up to 10hrs between charges.

3) Polar Pacer (₹44,282)

True minimalists would run in the buff, but that tactic also strips you of stats. If you’re willing to wear one thing, this lightweight tracker logs data without distracting. It sticks to the essentvials: heart rate, GPS and the metrics.

4) Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro (₹5500)

It takes bravery to step on the scales after a month of Christmas munching. If you’re ready to face the weigh-in, you might as well go the whole hog: this connected balance conducts a complete body composition analysis across 16 metrics, measuring everything from heart rate to body mass. It then maps the results on a 3D model in the phone app. Good luck.

5) Lazer Vento Kineticore (₹24,000)

Winter cycling is not for the timid. Besides frosty headwinds whipping through your shorts, there’s the risk of icy asphalt at every bend. Layer up against frozen falls with Lazer’s lightweight lid, inspired by car crumple zones.

6) Shokz Openrun Pro (₹14,999)

These open-ear alternatives use bone-conduction tech to deliver up to 10hrs of tunes, without muting the winter world around you.

7) Peloton Guide (₹27,900)

Home workouts can fight festive flab, but wobbling about on Wii Fit alone won’t burn off all that cake. Boost your drills with this digital PT: a camera that sits atop your TV and uses AI to track your form, count reps and map muscle use.


8) Soundcore Sport (X10 ₹6999)

At a brisk 152bpm, Chuck Berry’s Run Rudolph Run is a fine choice to soundtrack winter sprints. For festive motivation, add it to your playlist, then add these workout buds to your wishlist. They’re sweat- proof and tuned for extra bass.

9) Beeline Velo 2 (₹10,400)

When you find yourself far from home and lost in a blizzard, you’ll regret your decision to navigate guided by a star. For wayfinding that won’t leave you looking to the heavens, attach this directional disc to your handlebars. Its design puts route info front and centre, with up to 11hrs of turn-by-turn instructions showing which way to steer. Plan routes via Beeline’s app, or sync with Strava.

10) Specialized X Fjallraven Frame Bag (₹6000)

Travelling with a lighter load? This functional frame bag is ideal for stashing cycling essentials. It’s part of a wider collab between Specialized and Fjallraven, and comes in a choice of three sizes.

11) Fitbit Inspire 3 (₹8322)

Need some help handling stress? You could hire a therapist, but for soothing assistance that raises fewer ethical questions try this band. It can monitor your calmness and guide you through breathing exercises.

12) Therabody Theracup (₹10,060)

No, it’s not a container for your takeaway spiced latte – this compact cup offers caffeine-free relief for your aching muscles. Like the therapy ordered by Olympic athletes, the TheraCup deploys a combination of suction, vibration and heat to soothe your sore bits. The cupping concept is pretty simple: by pumping on targeted areas, it’s meant to stimulate bloodflow, relieve tired tissue and speed up recovery. But unlike a full physio setup, this thing can fit in your gym bag for treatments on the go. It’s also good for up to 2hrs per charge, and doesn’t require an intimidatingly healthy professional to push the buttons.