Diwali Gift Guide 2023: 12 gifts for the Movie Buff

Add to that screen time, already!

If you're yearning to transform your living room into the ultimate home cinema experience, you might want to think beyond just a casual movie night. Let's go full-on cinematic, shall we? Start by setting the stage – dim the lights and pillows ready. Now, once you're all cozied up, it's time to summon the powers that be for the main event. 

1) Sonos Ray (₹27,999)

No self-respecting film fan should be marathoning 2022’s best flicks over the festive break using just their TV’s measly built-in speakers. At the very least they’re going to need a soundbar, and Sonos’s latest also happens to be its most affordable yet. To get the bad stuff out of the way, the Sonos Ray doesn’t have Dolby Atmos (though Dolby Digital is supported) or an HDMI port, forcing you to hook it up via optical. But everything that people love about Sonos, from sleek design and great sound to AirPlay 2 support and seamless wireless integration with an existing Sonos setup, is included in this smart bar. Thanks to AirPlay 2support, the Ray can double as a fine speaker for music as well as telly... but the lack of Bluetooth is a shame. The Ray is a compact soundbar that’ll easily fit in any living room; but if you lack shelf space, there’s a wall-mounting kit. Voice control from Google Assistant or Alexa is supported, but that will require you to use the Ray alongside a smart speaker.

2) Wonder Woman Rug (₹999)

You love films. Let your friends and family know about it the moment they step into your den. Made of soft sheep wool, probably by an Amazonian, it sets the mood before you set the mood. The WW shield will also remind you who’s boss.

3) Lego T. Rex Breakout (₹13,400)

Jurassic Park turns 30 next year, so now is a great time to treat one of that film’s fans to some dino-themed Lego. This is a highly displayable brick recreation of one of its most famous scenes, where we see the big beast for the first time.

4) Formovie Dice (₹70,000)

Projectors can be intimidating things, but the oddly named Dice is anything but. It’s capable of projecting a 1080p image of up to 200in in size, effectively putting a cinema screen in your suitcase.Formovie has also kindly built in features like Android certifications and built-in 16,000mAh battery to take your entertainment on the go. Not for 4K film fans, but for ease of use it’s king.

5) Amazon Fire TV Cube (2022) (₹12,999)

The third-gen Fire TV Cube is, shockingly, still cube-shaped, but this streaming box has never been more useful. Now wearing a fabric jacket, this model is slicker and more powerful, with an improved Alexa remote to boot.

6) Fossil Star Wars (from ₹23,995)

It’s worth casting your eye over all of Fossil’s Star Wars collection, but if pushed we’d go for this one. A wristy tribute to arguably the most iconic characters in movie history, individually numbered and presented in a collector’s box overflowing with intergalactic goodness. The collection has four limited-edition timepieces that are the stuff of legends: The Darth Vader, The Stormtrooper, The TIE Fighter Watch, and The Boba Fett.

7) Dil Se OST Vinyl (₹2499 / )

Long before the Badshah and AP came along, A.R.Rahman changed Bollywood cinema music forever. And just as great as the film was, it’s the timeless song list which has kept the movie alive in the hearts and minds of music lovers.

8) Clipology (₹1543)

It just wouldn’t be Diwali without a game for everyone to drunkenly fall out over, and Clipology is a great pick for a cinephile family. Mixing traditional board-game play with real clips from TV and movies that players have to identify, it’s way more fun than Monopoly.

9) The Shining: A Visual and Cultural Haunting (₹13,300)

Give your favourite Kubrick fan something to get lost in while the in-laws are watching Strictly. This stunning loose-leaf book, styled to resemble Jack’s ‘writing project’, explores The Shining’s legacy.

10) Top Gun 4K 2-Movie Collection (₹5999)

Does someone feel the need for speed and UHD? Well, it’s their lucky day, because the original Top Gun and its Maverick sequel come together in this box set, which includes over 2hrs of bonus guff and Atmos explosions.

11) Polk Magnifi Mini AX (₹59,000)

Dolby Atmos soundbars appear to be getting smaller by the hour, and Polk’s MagniFi Mini AX is a frankly ridiculous case study. Barely longer than one of those rulers you used to have in your pencil case at school, calling it ‘compact’ seems hardly enough, yet it supports both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X virtual surround sound, aided by a separate sub. And it can make a right old racket.

12) Ghost Busters Wireless Charging Dock (₹11,261)

Why stop at just one reminder of the good ol’ 80s when you can have two! This Qi-enabed charging pad is a replica of not just the cult movie, but its VHS home- video release too!