Diwali Gift Guide 2023: 12 gifts for the Tech Nomad


For the one who's constantly on the move, never staying put for more than a hot minute, these gadgets are the perfect companions for their high-octane lifestyle. With these road-ready gizmos as gifts, your loved ones can stay connected, productive, and entertained no matter where life takes them.

1) Urbanista Phoenix (₹32,562)

Your vitamin D level isn’t the only thing boosted by sunlight: solar exposure can also be a treat for the ears. Thanks to Powerfoyle material on the side of their charging case, these true wireless in-ears can refuel from almost any light source, so you can hit the road with one less cable. Lightweight and sculpted for a comfy fit, the earbuds are similarly liberating: they have active noise-cancellation to mute noisy neighbours in transit, while the Urbanista app lets you tweak EQ settings and touch controls. Now all you need is a smartphone charging crank for theoretically infinite listening. Silicone ear-tips ensure a secure fit, while IPX4 water-resistance means the Phoenix’s fire shouldn’t be put out by a shower. While your skin needs to bathe directly for a dose of UV love, the Powerfoyle panel can take energy from any ambient light. Dancing in the dark? Each earbud is good for 8hrs on a single charge, with a further 32hrs on offer from the wedge-shaped case.

2) Logitech K380 for Mac (₹2749)

Whether you’re tip-tapping on a tablet or like to sit back from your laptop, this streamlined keyboard is a win for your fingers. Wedge-shaped and wireless, its compact footprint fits neatly on any desk, while contoured scissor keys are cosy but responsive. Available in blue, pink or off-white, this low-profile board is good for up to two years on a single charge – ideal for travelling typists.

3) Apple iPad Air (from ₹59,900)

Tablets have changed since Roman times. Apple’s latest lightweight slate is a champion of in-chariot entertainment: fronted by a 10.9in Retina display, its M1 chip provides all-conquering performance, with optional 5G.

4) Bellroy Desk Caddy (₹4895)

It takes more than a laptop to work from anywhere. Organise your portable office with this practical pouch. Its front folds down to reveal the bits stashed inside; stood upright on a work surface, tiered dividers offer easy access to your kit.

5) Amazfit T-Rex 2 (₹14,999)

Time waits for no one – and unless you’re a VIP, neither do planes. Don’t miss your departure: equip your wrist with this rugged ticker for reliable tracking. Tested for toughness and shielded by a beefy bezel, the T-Rex 2 is a smartwatch for all conditions. Typical battery life should survive a three-week getaway, while an arsenal of sensors tracks your vitals as you dash for the boarding gate.

6) Chipolo Card Spot (₹4769)

Lose your credit card on holiday and you’ll need some friends to spot you. Lose this card-sized tracker and you’ll have thousands helping you find it. Slim enough to slip in your wallet, it works with the Find My network, waving at nearby Apple devices.

7) Wacaco Exagrind (₹10,400)

Some coffee snobs are kept housebound by fear of a bad brew when out and about – so this mobile bean machine brings caffeine freedom. It lets you mill 20g by hand: fill it with beans, set the grind level then get winding.

8) Lifestraw Peak Squeeze (₹2789)

Water bottles add bulk even when they’re empty. For more portable potability, this flexible pouch holds up to a litre of liquid, before packing down when you’ve had your fill. It also has a replaceable microfilter.

9) Stubble & Co Adventure Bag (₹24,300)

If baggage reclaim is the bane of your travels, sling this two-strap over your shoulders. It has pockets in all the right places, while soft sides and compression straps let you max out the 42L capacity within carry-on limits.

10) Anker 633 Magnetic Battery (₹4900)

Phone feeling drained? Treat it to a power nap with this handy MagSafe battery pack. Snapped in place for a cordless boost, its 10,000mAh capacity is enough to fill your iPhone roughly twice over. And if you want entertainment during the down time, flip out its stand and stick your phone sideways for perfectly angled movies on the move.

11) Remarkable 2 (from ₹35,999)

For paper-like productivity without the bulk of a binder, try this E Ink tablet.

Absurdly slender, its monochrome display mimics the look and feel of a real notebook. Load PDF docs for digital doodling or select a template to organise your scribbles.

12) UE Wonderboom 3 (₹6995)

If your getaway requires a sonic kickstart, this little ball of boom should have the hotel hopping. Sized like a large snow-globe, it has enough bass for any festive bash; and 14hr battery life should see you through to Santa’s arrival.