What is CMF by Nothing Tech?

The premium brand takes on a new sector

In a surprising announcement camouflaged away in a "Community Update" video, Nothing CEO Carl Pei dropped a bombshell that is set to shake up the less affluent tech enthusiasts. CMF by Nothing, a bit like the OnePlus Nord Series is a new sub-brand that promises to deliver affordable products with on-brand designs and unparalleled quality in its price segment.

So, what exactly is CMF by Nothing? 

CMF stands for "Color, Material, Finish," and it represents the core philosophy of this new sub-brand. It aims to focus on creating products that not only look visually appealing but also feel great to use. The brand's mission is to provide consumers with a range of products that boast their signature designs, all at a more accessible price point compared to Nothing's more premium offerings.

Why is it exciting?

We know the sub ₹30K smartphone aesthetics are drab at best. Nothing Tech’s focus on design could breathe new life into the segment with better design. Albeit, the Realme 11 Pro was designed by an ex-Gucci designer and that smartphone looks as if you’ve paid half a lakh for it. Regardless, design and affordability should be expected from CMF.

How are they going about the process?

To kickstart its journey, CMF by Nothing will launch two products later this year – a smartwatch and a pair of earbuds. Both of these devices will carry the signature design-led approach that defines Nothing and hopefully CMF. Expect them to deliver a fluid user experience, thanks to the same level of attention that Nothing puts into its high-end offerings.