Flash x Fossil collection watches look flashy

Have the Fastest Man Alive right on your wrist!

In the world of horological heroics, two limited-edition timepieces have just arrived. Meet the Flash Watch and the Reverse-Flash Watch by Fossil. Inspired by the battle between good and evil, these timepieces will add a dash of lightning-infused flair to your wrist. 

The Flash Watch is a vibrant tribute to the Scarlet Speedster himself. Bursting with signature colours and adorned with his iconic lightning bolt emblem, this timepiece screams, "I'm faster than a speeding bullet!" But the real magic happens on the dial. The second hand comes alive as the Flash, sprints around the face like he's late for a hot date with destiny. 

The Reverse-Flash Watch, on the other hand, pays homage to the wickedly villainous speedster, featuring his signature colours and lightning bolt emblem. If The Flash Watch embodies all that is good and heroic, the Reverse-Flash Watch revels in all that is mischievous and diabolical. The second-hand showcases the Reverse-Flash himself, zipping around the dial as if he's running away.

The packaging and case back of these watches reflect the divergent paths of the heroes. And the Flash x Fossil collection is available for purchase for ₹19,995.