iRobot’s Roomba j7+ is the brand’s first ever mop and vacuum combo with advanced ‘intelligence’

A whiz-bot

We have long been subjected to theories that professed robots will one day take over us: mere humans. Even though nobody really knows when the day will come, we can surely see the beginning of it. Hinting at Roomba’s latest Combo j7+ cleaning bot, and believe you me its ‘thoughtful intelligence’ could sometimes just surpass your loved ones’. 

In the face of this device Roomba has brought its mop and vacuum tech into one, so it can mop and clean at the same time. It features a unique retractable mopping mechanism that uses advanced sensors to detect various floor types. The mechanism enables the top-mounted mop to lift itself and dock when the cleaner moves from hard flooring to carpet or rugs, so you don’t have to move or lift it manually.

The Combo j7+ comes with a PrecisionVision Navigation system that enables it to detect and avoid over 80 common objects including the pets who love to be in the way. There are voice assistance and iRobot Home app sync features also so you just have to command and wait for the house to get sparkling clean. 

It has tank level sensing so you will get a notification as soon as it will need more water, the best part is yet to come, if you still don’t want to leave your sweet spot, the smart cleaner will intelligently switch to vacuum-only mode and stop mopping. 

This dreamy device can be yours at a price of nearly ₹70,000.