Netflix Allows Profile Transfers

Data transfers of the Netflix age

In the age of Netflix’s new password-sharing rules, you could get back your long-lost profile that happens to be on your friend's account. With the Profile Transfer feature, you can easily transfer your profile from one account to another along with your hard-earned viewing history, My list, and your recommendations. All you require to do this, is the Netflix app (obviously), an account (more obviousness), and access to a web browser.

How to commence the transfer:

1. Confirm whether you have profile transfers turned on in your Netflix settings. For this you must go to your account page>Settings>turn on profile transfers. After which you will get a confirmation E-mail from Netflix

2. From the account page visit the Profiles and Parental Controls section and choose the profile you want to start a new account with

3. Choose Transfer

4. Choose Start Profile transfer

5. Then accordingly you can choose a new account or an existing account and then fill in the required details such as the Email ID and password of the account

However, remember that your profile can only be transferred as long as:

1. The profile is on an active account

2. It is not a kid's profile

3. It does not have PIN protection

4. It does not have a profile email address attached to it

After this, your profile should be in your new account along with all of your extremely important lineup of shows that you dearly missed.