Philips HSP3800 is a smart 360° security camera that can differentiate between motion, noise and people

Thieves, be warned!

The AI revolution is in full swing and our trusty security cameras are joining the party too! Meet the new Philips Smart 360° security camera (HSP3800), a WiFi Indoor Security Camera which, using its Artificial Intelligence capabilities, can differentiate between motion, noise, and people. This means reduced false alarms and more accurate alerts. 

As the name suggests, the camera grants you a panoramic 360° view and with its live view feature, you can spy and check on your kingdom anytime, from anywhere. There is two-way communication also so you can stare at the screen and can also talk back. Mire features include enhanced day and color night vision (2MP), motion detection with spotlight, an anti-theft alarm system, smart alerts and weatherproof IP65 Rating for clear vision even during rains.

Plus, it offers 24/7 control that allows viewing, recording, or responding to security events from anywhere. The set-up and use of these cameras is simple, supported by Virtual Assistance you can set it up in three steps. Philips Smart 360° WiFi Indoor Security Camera is priced at ₹ 7,795. 

The Philips Smart 360° HSP3800 security camera also brings 24/7 control that means you can view, record, or respond to any security events from absolutely anywhere! Philips says setting it up is also as easy as pie. In just three simple steps, you'll have the camera up and running, protecting your cosmic fortress from all angles.