Razer X Dolce & Gabbana bring out a luxury gaming chair

Talk about a comfy collab

Finding furniture that goes with your pro gaming setup is always a difficult task. That’s why Razer and Dolce & Gabbana have collaborated to bring you style with ergonomics launching the Razer Enki Pro gaming chair. Launched at Razercon 2023 the chair was announced among a plethora of items but this one is definitely a head-turner.

The chair features an integration of Razer’s triple-headed snake logo and Dolce & Gabbana’s signature monogram, along with a 24k gold-plated classic D&G logo, setting it up as a collector’s item. Its design includes 110-degree extended shoulder arches and a wide 21-inch seat base. Promising a 152-degree recline and a built-in lumbar arch means you can be lazy without back pain. All of this is wrapped in an Alcantara leather upholstery.

The Chroma RGB edition of the chair was sadly launched as a concept, However, a gold iteration of the chair will be available for purchase for those enthusiasts who want to collect a piece of gaming luxury. The Dolce Gabbana Razer collection will be available for purchase in late December. Although we have no word on the Indian price and release date at the time of writing.