Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: Top 5 AI features

A global tête-à-tête!

The Samsung Galaxy S24 range of smartphones is the first to have AI baked right into the device, which most of its native apps can make use of effortlessly. So we thought of taking you on a ride through the wild frontier of Galaxy AI on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. Here's a list of top features that'll have you saying "Woah, AI!" in no time. 

1) Live translate and interpret

Galaxy AI transcends language barriers. Imagine chatting with your international buddy or sealing the deal on a fancy dinner reservation in a foreign land — this is where Live Translate comes into play. It enables real-time voice and text translations even during phone calls, so there is no need for extra apps and the best part? Your secrets stay between you and your phone's on-device AI. The feature supports 13 languages at launch, including Hindi. 

And when you're in that classic 'lost in translation' moment with someone, bring in the Interpreter. It's just like having a bilingual referee right on your screen, ensuring both sides get what's being said. It even works without cellular data or Wi-Fi.

2) Chat Assist

Got a brain bursting with brilliant bon mots but your tongue trips over teacups when it comes to spitting them out? Well, this is exactly where Galaxy AI’s Chat Assist feature could come into play, ensuring your tone is spot-on. Whether it's a work memo or a witty social media caption. In messages, the AI will tailor your message to a specific style, depending on whom the message is intended for. So if you type “yo, imma be late to your crib” to your boss, it will probably save your job by converting that to a polite, “Sir, I may be delayed reaching your house”. AI built into Samsung Keyboard can also translate messages in real-time in 13 languages.

In the cars with Android Auto, your incoming messages get a smart summary, and the AI suggests timely replies, so you're always in the loop without losing focus. When it comes to staying organised, Note Assist in Samsung Notes is going to act like your virtual secretary — generating summaries, crafting templates for a sleek note format, and even creating covers for easy spotting. Plus, the Transcript Assist feature uses AI Speech-to-Text tech to transcribe, summarise, and even translate your recordings.

3) Circle to Search

This one is my personal favourite. Forget endless Wikipedia rabbit holes and the bottomless pit of Google searches. Galaxy AI's Circle to Search will assist you in your quest for quick answers. Did you see a mind-blowing fact on a friend’s post or a breathtaking vista on Instagram? Just long-press the home button, draw a circle around the mystery, and boom! Answers, context, and maybe even a three-day itinerary for that jaw-dropping location, all served up without leaving the app. Think of it as a fortune cookie for the internet, but way smarter and less sugary. Plus, depending on where you are, AI smarts can pull together info from the web, giving you not just answers, but the whole story. 

4) Edit Suggestion

After great shots are captured, Galaxy AI editing tools help make simple edits like erase, re-compose and remaster. But Edit Suggestion is where the real work happens, whispering the perfect tweaks for each snap. Want to go full-on Gandalf? Generative Edit lets you fill in missing bits, straightening wonky angles, and even moving objects.

5) Instant Slow-mo

Ever witnessed a squirrel launch itself across the park like a furry rocket? With Instant Slow-mo, you can capture those fleeting moments and stretch them into smooth, slo-mo masterpieces. Your friends will swear you have a time-bending superpower (but don't tell them it's Galaxy AI). Galaxy AI also makes the job easy for you, before you even click, Super HDR gives you a sneak peek of your piece, letting you fine-tune lighting and angles like a director. Galaxy S series cameras now integrate directly with mobile apps in HDR to level up social sharing. When it’s time to find an image in the Gallery or Instagram feed and reels, photos and videos are also shown in Super HDR for a more lifelike range of brightness, colour and contrast by analysing highlighted sections of the images.