Samsung SmartTag 2 gets a big makeover and 700 days of battery life

Finders aren't keepers anymore!

Samsung has  pulled the curtain off the SmartTag 2, a tracking gadget that follows in the footsteps of the 2021 original SmartTag. Unlike its predecessor, which came in Bluetooth and ultra-wideband (UWB) flavours, the new version brings both these features together in one sleek package.

The latest edition is all circular and has metal inside the ring for extra toughness. No more punch-hole look! You can (hook it up) with clips, keyrings, or even your travel bags. And, it's IP67 rated, so you can even track your adventurous pets on their outdoor escapades without worrying about dust or occasional splashes!

The SmartTag 2 boasts an upgraded battery life as well, it can go on for 700 days in Power Saving Mode or 500 days in Normal Mode. Samsung says that's a 50 percent boost from the previous model. Plus, it has added a new feature called Lost Mode. So if someone stumbles upon an item with a SmartTag 2, they can scan the tag and get in touch with the owner much like a digital lost and found.\

Using Samsung’s augmented reality (AR) tech, the SmartTag 2 offers a visually guided path to locate your belongings through the Samsung Galaxy smartphone camera. It works within a maximum Bluetooth range of 120 metres and can also control smart home appliances through the SmartThings app. However, one limitation we think there is, is that the SmartTag 2 is currently exclusive to Samsung devices, meaning you'd need a Galaxy phone for tracking functionality. The device is priced for $29 (approx ₹2,500).