Stuff Gadget Awards 2022: Best App of the Year

The top App from 2022

Good apps really have the potential to make your life a bit easy thus making you a little happier. Find out which is 2022’s best app. 

Best App of the Year

Affinity Publisher 2

Serif has spent five years conducting an audacious land grab in the creative space. While Adobe continued to force subscriptions on everybody, Affinity Photo rocked up in 2017 as 90% of a Photoshop at a wallet-friendly price. A year later, we got the Illustrator-ish Affinity Designer. Affinity Publisher 2 completes the set on iPad, bringing desktop-grade page-layout creation (akin to InDesign) to Apple’s tablet. You might question why you’d want that on an iPad. But as many creative pros maintain, direct tactile control over layouts can be transformative, and the iPad’s distraction-free nature is a boon.


● LumaFusion ● Ableton Note ● Daijisho ● Barcodes