Stuff Gadget Awards 2022: Best Game and Gaming Gadget of the Year

The top Game and Gaming laptop from 2022

It is imperative to get the best gaming gadget to truly enjoy what the titles have to offer. Here, down below is the top game and gaming gadget of 2022. 

Gaming Gadget of the Year


Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore Nvidia and its domination in the PC gaming market. The RTX 4090 is the sort of cement that builds the podium for Nvidia to stand above the rest. This is not just an incremental upgrade over the previous gen, no sire! The RTX 4090 is in a class of its own when it comes to 4K gaming. It’s the only GPU that can achieve 100+ frames on 4K with Ray Tracing on almost all the latest game titles and it manages to stay cool as a polar bear. That best of the best status doesn’t come cheap. Needless to say, you will have to upgrade your PC parts to run this, even if it means mortgaging your house!


Sony PS Pulse 3DSeagate FireCuda 530Corsair HS80 RGB

Game of the Year

God Of War Ragnarok 

Emotional, epic and a proper adventure, God of War Ragnarok barely scrapped through to grab the winning title from Elden Ring and that’s because of how important it is to the world of video games. Ragnarok serves as a beacon for every gamer who seeks engaging gameplay, flavourful lore and Oscar- worthy acting. And all of it is wrapped in an emotional story that doesn’t trot the clichés and nor does it allow itself to falter for the sake of the story or gameplay. It’s a proper amalgamation of gameplay and story that brings this sequel to an epic end. That said, we wish we could pick a second winner for this category because Elden Ring comes really close. Grab that too if you love gaming!


Horizon Forbidden West Gran Turismo 7 Elden RingMario+Rabbids